Cerezo: “We can win a Champions League without an audience”

Enrique Cerezo attended the #Vamos program The Great Game of Movistar-Volver is Winning to analyze the expectations of Atlético de Madrid in this restart of the competition. Further, the rojiblanco president sees Atletico with many options in the Champions League.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Anfield and the coronavirus: “The truth was that I had no feeling that anything was happening and we returned the same and three days later they ordered quarantine.”

League or Champions ?: “Both things. In the League we are in a difficult situation and in the Champions League we are very good, a few games away from reaching a final, which is where we like to be.”

The year of Atlético: “We are very special, we can win a Champions League without an audience. It could be our year”

No hobby at Wanda: “It is clear that our fans are very strong and they put the players in their right time. The relationship between fans and players would help us.”

Simeone: “He is calm and has confidence in what he does and will lead us to get into the top four.”

Gabi, second from Simeone: “Gabi is in a foreign country and when her contract ends she will return, but now she has a contract and they are there to fulfill them.”

You are afraid of positives: “You have to have confidence and a rigid but very good protocol has been made and if everyone complies with it there will be no problem.”

Was there unity with Resume LaLiga ?: “It depends on what each one wants. We wanted LaaLiga to be finished and each one has brought the ember close to his sardine. There has been unity with which LaLiga was finished, but it would have been a catastrophe not to finish it.”

Transfers: “There is a possibility that nobody will be signed, but we will have to wait for what happens in the season. The transfers will be very difficult for everyone.”

João Félix: “It is his first year, he has to acclimatize, but he is our star player and team base.”

Farewell to 'Mono' Burgos: “I feel sorry, many years with him. Great person and great element. I wish him the best.”

Will you go to Wanda ?: “We will try to go to Wanda and away matches.”

Aduriz: “The affection received has surpassed me”

The Athletic striker will be the great absence in the game that will measure Atleti and Athletic in the resumption of the league. After his operation, he explains how he feels after hanging up his boots.

Postoperative: “The truth is that I am much better than I thought. It almost hardly hurts. The hip responds well. When the pain is taken away it is a very big step. You have to strengthen the entire area and go little by little. “

Precipitation at withdrawal ?: “No. I did not rush, my hip was already too many kilometers on me and he asked me to listen to him ”.

Are you sad about the withdrawal ?: “I'm not well. I had been assimilating it for a long time. In fact by now he would be retired. It was something that was very clear to me. It is an incredible mental break not having to train and compete. The next game I will feel envy, but they are processes that must be passed ”.

Sweetie: “Yes, honestly it has surpassed me a little. I did not expect all the love I have received and it is a good place to be able to thank and send a message around here. I still haven't been able to answer all the messages. I am happy”.

Last goal: “If it had been closer to withdrawal, the better. I am far away. I have the photo and the truth is that it is a goal sought when you are little on the beach and it never comes out. It just so happened that day. ”

Which stadium has the most impact (without San Mamés) ?: “Well, it is not easy to answer. Obviously in Spain I have played in all the First and almost Second stages. Mestalla, Bernabéu, Camp Nou or a Cup final, impresses a lot. Internationally I was impressed by Old Trafford and some others. We have good stadiums in LaLiga that have an impact. ”