The teams of the Premier, without positives for coronavirus in last tests

The Premier League clubs did not show any positive for coronavirus in the sixth and last round of testing that were made to 1,195 players and team personnel, according to what the organization reported on Friday through its official website. The tests, completed between June 4 and 5, they gave some data without positives in the absence of a few days for the return of the competition.

On June 17 and behind closed doors, the Premier League matches will resume, of which there are nine days to go of a competition that Liverpool is practically tied to.

Liverpool Shield / Flag

With 25 points ahead of Manchester City and with 27 to play, Jurgen Klopp's team could become champion on June 21, when they face Everton at Goodison Park. Liverpool have never won the title since the Premier League era began (1992/93) and the last time they were crowned League champions was in the 1989/90 season..