“The Spanish League will soon be in the world top three”

Women's football grows at times and, with it, the representation agencies that opted for this category a few years ago. An example of this is Solo Cracks, which has established itself as one of the most powerful companies in the world of image and player representation., with members such as the Spanish pichichi Jenni Hermoso (Barça) or the Chilean Christiane Endler (PSG), who is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world. “Women's football is a sport that is here to stay. Throughout the history of this category, it has gone through potholes that made it go backwards, but I don't think it will happen again. Everything that comes will be grow up. Society has already accepted the final entry of women's football, which has earned its space “, indicates, in an interview with AS, Edgar Merino, director of Solo Cracks, which has almost 100 players from 23 different countries and four continents, the First Iberdrola (43 footballers) being its main market.

The founder of this agency, a pioneer in Latin America and one of the most powerful in Spain, recounts why he decided to focus on women's football, dedicating his company exclusively to this category for five years. “I realized that most of the agencies were concerned with men's sport and, above all, with men's soccer. It was an opportunity to be able to do something great, to be an agent of change. It was a very difficult path and I had to do a great investment. Many people asked me why would I get into women's football if for 1,000 players I was going to earn the same as I did representing a player. That did not discourage me, but encouraged me to fight. Now I get messages from former players who had no representatives and they thank me for doing it, “says Merino, who chose his compatriot Christiane Endler to start his football project.” I contacted Tiane, who did not give me a problem. . He said he had a thorn in his head from playing in Europe and I started working for it. First it was Valencia and then he went on to play for PSG. Now she is one of the players with more sponsorships and has even worked in some publicity with Neymar or Navas “, it states.


Edgar Merino focuses on the Spanish League when talking about the growth of women's football. “The same player now earns 50% more than she did a few years ago. In Latin America it is growing, but slower. It is not the same as in Spain, but because there is more machismo in society there. There is a lot of difference in the treatment of contracts between Latin American countries and those of the Spanish League. There are teams that are giving individual players great players, when the normal thing is that, even in professional leagues, they pay shared flats. These are things that are already changing. Requesting that in Latin America is impossible, even if it is a great club. Many of them don't even have a contract, “he says.

In this line, Edgar highlights that there are three main factors that push the Latin American player to come to Spain: “The prestige of Spanish men's soccer, language and culture and that there is no limit on non-EU communities. In Germany, France and England there are a quota of two or three and the signings are very limited “. “Many times the players think that women's football in Spain has the same clubs as men's and that they are just as powerful. Although it is true that it is among the best and that it is one of the fastest growing, it is not the best in this category. Although I believe that if he continues on this path in a couple of years he will be in the world top three, “he continues, before concluding highlighting the importance of Real Madrid's arrival in this category.” It is a very important step for women's football as a product. That a team like Real Madrid arrives makes the football industry start to worry about women's football“sentence.