The ‘barracks house’ that Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo have rented in Thailand to be close to their son

Silvia Bronchalo landed last Wednesday in Thailand to visit daniel sancho in Koh Samui jail and his father, Rodolfo SanchoIt will arrive in a few hours. how we countthe actor has already left his refuge in Fuerteventura this Thursday to travel to meet his son again.

The parents of the confessed author of the crime of Edwin Arrieta They have rented a house on the island of the Asian country to settle during their stay there. Until now, Silvia was staying at the exclusive Samui Bayview Resort hotel.

As they have assured in The summer program The Sancho family already has their ‘barracks house’, where all the people who travel to see Daniel will stay. The prisoner has given a list with ten authorized names so that they can visit him, among them his parents, his grandmother Noela, uncles and some friends. “Whoever comes will use that house in Thailand to be more comfortable2,” they explained.

The Telecinco program affirms that one of the reasons that led them to make the decision to look for a home there is the state of nerves that Daniel’s mother is going through. “Silvia doesn’t leave her hotel room because she’s terrified of being approached by the press,” explains reporter Jorge Luque.

Death penalty

Let us remember that the Thai police have requested the death penalty for Daniel Sancho considering that the murder of Edwin Arrieta it was premeditated and not accidental, as he stated. The Spanish defense hopes to be able to commute said sentence to a life sentence which, as advanced by the Spanish diplomat vincent cachowould serve in Surat Thani prison, a provincial prison much less rigid than the feared ‘Hilton Bangkok’.

Here, Daniel would have to spend a minimum of eight years before his extradition to Spain could be requested to serve the rest of the punishment in his country of origin.