Cayetano Martínez de Irujo sentences all the Albas after his last brawl with Eugenia: “They are not my family”

The war between Cayetano Martínez de Irujo and his brothers comes from afar but has intensified publicly following the latest statements by the Count of Salvatierra: “Since my mother died, [Eugenia] He has joined other brothers and has done without me. I hope I can start from scratch with her,” he confessed in the program Ana Rosa Quintana on September 27th. The rider added: “Genevieve [su ex mujer] “has replaced Eugenia for me”

Given these words, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo she let out the biggest thing this Wednesday, October 4, when she attended her friend’s funeral Marta Chavarri in the Jerónimos Church in Madrid. “Do you know what happens to Cayetano? That he takes advantage of the fact that the rest of us don’t talk. I just don’t understand him.”

The controversy has increased this Friday, when Cayetano has tangled the thread with some new statements that only fuel the fire: “The thing is that I no longer want to go in with my family. What I want is to forget them now. If they are not my family! This is always annoying for the sake of annoying. Nothing more. As sad and as regrettable as that,” he said in a telephone conversation with TardeAR.

The latest anger comes as a result of the problems he has with his siblings Eugenia and Alfonso over a partnership that they continue to share almost nine years after the death of the Duchess of Alba: “They paralyze everything just because. Because they don’t sign. For one thing , on the other hand. What do I know? They give some justifications that make little sense.”

According to him, the two of them are making it difficult: “It is incomprehensible that they ask me three times the same amount for the company. And on top of that they block me from taking out the credits. It is an unusual thing. It is because it is sick. Eugenia “He doesn’t answer the phone. The issue is unprecedented. No one with common sense understands it.”

Alfonso, Eugenia and Cayetano have a common company in which each one has a property. In Ana Rosa Quintana’s program they have assured that Cayetano requested a loan of three million for an investment in his farm. Alfonso and Eugenia were against it due to their fear that, in the event of non-payment, the bank would go after the company. Cayetano, on the other hand, would have assured them that he provided his personal assets as collateral, but they were suspicious. Luis and Amina’s father, on the other hand, maintains that they are annoying for the sake of annoying and that they are blocking him from getting credits. The issue, they say on Telecinco, would be in the hands of their lawyers.

This is not the only open family gap. His disagreements with his older brother, the Duke of Alba, since the death of Doña Cayetana are notorious. The Duchess of Alba was the pillar of a seemingly united family although many knew that she would break into pieces as soon as Doña Cayetana left this world. So it was. Cayetano’s tensions with his brothers have also been evident on such important dates as Christmas and masses in memory of the duchess.