Isa Pantoja ‘pulls out her nails’ for her cousin Anabel and explains the controversy with her bachelorette party

One Pantoja y Asraf Beno They will say ‘I do’ next Friday, October 13 at a luxurious hacienda in Seville. One week before the wedding, Anabel Pantoja She entered Telecinco this Thursday angrily to deny that she had asked for a very high price to go to her cousin’s bachelorette party. This Friday, in the same space, the sister of Kiko Rivera He has emphasized the same words as his cousin Anabel.

The singer’s daughter said: “I said I didn’t want a bachelorette party, but my friends made a group to have a bachelorette party on the 30th. In the end it fell through because many people couldn’t.”

When the farewell had already been cancelled, Isa received an offer to record a series of videos of the moments leading up to her wedding (including the famous bachelorette party). However, due to the impossibility of matching dates, the report was not recorded.

Meanwhile, her cousin Anabel was offered the option of recording some shots of her on the wedding day. “What it tells me is that they called her to record a series of shots of how she was getting ready at the hotel for the 13th,” said her future girlfriend.

For her part, the influencer rejected the offer, since “she wants to enjoy her cousin’s wedding day to the fullest and doesn’t want to work or be aware of other things.” Isa Pantoja has supported her cousin’s claim and stated: “Anabel has not asked for cache and they have not paid her. If the producer contacted her to offer to make a video, it is something I do not know about.”

Regarding whether there was a mole in the group at her farewell, Isa stated: “The information that Anabel asked for a cache is a lie (..) I have the group list and I will know who the person is who said all this. “I want to have a quiet wedding.”