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Carolina Marn: active confinement, online psychologist, a five-year gold and a Huelva World Cup in the air

Gabby Barker



What do I see out the window? A closed school. Carolina Marn, one of the queens of our sport, carries the running of the bulls like everyone else, in the best possible way. At times with good spirits: at times, with concern. You give them, that is, he says that they are not long, that nothing is boring at all. I train, series, calls, reading, cooking … I don't stop. The new home stress that so many people are discovering. It is defined as homemade, but not so much, of course.

I like to rest here when I'm not traveling, which is almost always. One thing is that and another this surreal situation, tells by phone from Huelva, covered with his mother -Not kissed him since I arrived-. With it she took refuge after participating in a tournament in London while Spain threw the shutter of the alarm state. He was one of the last to continue in competition, because of the heterodox British way of facing the coronavirus. Then he flew to Seville and drove to his hometown. Here people are aware, it is one of the least contagious places in the country, she proudly points out.

Marn received the news of the postponement of the Games yesterday with satisfaction. The sensibility that she had been demanding for days prevailed. She already belongs to the first generation of Olympic champions whose title will last five years. There is no point in celebrating them under these circumstances. As much as things have improved, there will be restrictions, risks and many athletes we could not have faced them in the proper way. You have to go to 200 percent preparation. And with this stop we will not even reach 30, argues one of the best badminton players in the world.

The Olympic move to 2021 collide fully with the Huelva World Cup, planned for August, a project closely linked to the figure of the Spanish champion. The two events could not coincide in the same year.

Now will come the difficult restructuring of the world sports calendar and his own, but each in its own time. Disciplined on the track and at the microphone, she tries to keep the focus on what is most urgent: the prevention of disease and the choral effort of society to obey health instructions.


They shake him, like everyone, death stories runaway who arrives at the ER of the hospitals, of the triages that calculate life expectancies before assigning an ICU bed and of the solitary victims who in the farewell grasp the gloved hand of unknown toilets and of whom the only human trait What you can see is the eyes, under those bulky protective space suits.

Denounced the incongruity that would have been a Games – a festive event for the public and an examination for athletes – Carolina does not go any further. She does not protest that she is tied to the classroom, nor does she ask the authorities for permits to go out to train, as they have done from other specialties.

Athletes must set an example. What's important is what's important. That people take care of themselves, that they don't go outside, that they don't put their own people at risk. Sport is my life, but now I say it very loudly: it is something secondary, he says with the firmness he spends on the track, with that strength of legs and, above all, the head that is his brand image. In the lite, every detail can be decisive, from the intimidating scream of gaining a point to the slight draft of the air conditioning in the pavilion, which suddenly feels like a tickle at the nape of the neck. It is then necessary to modify the flight of the steering wheel.

Along with his coach, Fernando Rivas, have formed one of the two most successful national sports, as ambitious in the game as they are daring in training methods. They do not stop inventing. A champion of race and laboratory that faces the crisis with patience and adapting to circumstances. Job indoor, with flamenco in the helmets to cheer up. At home I can only do exercise bikes and some physical exercises. Weights with kilos of rice and no racket. Thank goodness we have a little patio, comments with a touch of relief.


After a few first days at a slower pace – which marked his plan – accelerate, as much as possible, this week. Your coaching staff have already sent you preparation plans and there will be no shortage of sessions on line with her psychologist. They will come better than ever, because mentally this is hard. You wake up in the morning and think that you are experiencing something unreal. Has he gone out on the street? Only once to buy, and with gloves and a mask. Better stay home.

Most of its direct rivals are from Asia or India, destinations where the impact of the Covid-19 is being overcome or the restrictions are less severe for athletes. The Chinese team went to England to train when the crisis began earlier in the year, and now they have returned to their country, where things are normalizing, he explains before listing the tournament. badminton that have flown off the calendar. March and April were months of much competition: Switzerland, India, Malaysia, the European championship … And by May we should have focused on the Tokyo Games …, he nostalgically reviews the owner of the last olympic gold.

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