Carmen Borrego’s daughter ‘heats up’ her mother’s exclusive: “She did not know about the separation from my brother”

The former star contestant of Survivors He is already back in Spain. After a ‘medical leave’ due to stress that prevents him from continuing in Honduras, Carmen Borrego He has ended his adventure and will face a new stone on the road: separation from his son, Jose Maria. A news that broke last Wednesday and that the program communicated to the daughter of Maria Teresa Campos this Sunday: “I’m desolated”he said when he found out. “I thought my son was happy”. However, there are many who suggest that the sister of Have him She was playing the role of her life because she knew that things between her firstborn and Paola Olmedo They were very bad.

“When she said goodbye to her son and grandson, she went to the house and Paola was not there, she arrived five minutes after she left,” they revealed in TardeAR. “She had to know that things between them weren’t working.” And they add: “With the bad relationship that existed, she will be happy.” Some words that Carmen Borrego’s own daughter has denied, who gave very brief statements to the press this Monday stating that the journalist was unrelated to her brother’s situation: “She was very surprised to see the news because she didn’t know anything. She will always be worried about her son. She loves her children”, he said bluntly. “I really want to see her. We haven’t been able to talk to her yet,” he said.

It is almost certain that Carmen Borrego will negotiate an exclusive with her leading magazine to talk at length about the separation from her son as soon as she sets foot in Spain, although it seems that she will not be the only one. They assure that both her son, José María, and her former daughter-in-law, Paola, have offers on the table to explain the reasons that led them to make this decision just nine months after becoming parents. “She wants to talk… but talk well, well,” says Marisa Martín-Blázquez. “The good vibes they have now for the child’s sake will not last long if Paola speaks.”