The ‘married couples’ of Nuria Roca and Juan del Val in New York: “But are you stupid?”

The journalist and the writer have become one of the most charismatic and fun couples on the small screen, where they share their daily anecdotes between laughter and the occasional joke. The last one comes from New York, one of her favorite cities, where they spent Holy Week and where the talk show host The Anthill He ‘dared’ to point out a gesture from his wife: “Since he’s gotten older he walks with his hands behind his back.”

The Valencian woman has shared the video of her encounter in the city of skyscrapers through her social networks: “Can you please tell me what you just told me?” she says. He, laughing, explains: “But how can an attractive woman like you walk around like she’s visiting a construction site?”. She defends herself: “I don’t walk like that. But are you stupid? Come on, go that way. Goodbye”. He put the finishing touch to the anecdote with one last message: “The truth hurts. He says he doesn’t speak to me again the entire trip.”

The city of Skyscrapers has become a true passion for the couple, who visit it at least twice a year. On this occasion they have done it without their children and have taken the opportunity to ‘infiltrate’ a bizarre Easter celebration: “Here with my cousin Marisa… In the second photo I am with her mother, my aunt Dolores. Neither of them looks good. nerves,” Juan del Val has written along with his private photo album. “In New York the wine is usually hot, it’s bad, it’s expensive and they serve it in horrible glasses… It doesn’t matter, it still seems like the best city in the world to me.”

Nuria, for her part, has said goodbye to her favorite city with a beautiful message: “Thank you New York for giving me back mental clarity, for physically exhausting me from walking so much, for putting art in my veins, for giving me food, wine and roses without regrets
and that feeling of happiness that fills your chest when you breathe…
Thank you! It’s so magical to come back again and again.”