Julián Muñoz no longer receives visitors and does not want to talk to anyone: his grandson gives the latest news

The former mayor of Marbella continues at his daughter Eloísa’s house, surrounded by his entire family after being discharged from hospital last Monday. Julian Muñoz, 76 years old, is in serious and irreversible condition due to an illness that has been going on for years and that has everyone close to him very worried. His grandson gave the latest health report on his grandfather this Monday: “He is resting, he is stable and he is still with us, which is the best”he said in TardeAR.

The one who was boyfriend of Isabel Pantoja He no longer wants to receive visitors, except those from his closest circle, and he does not answer the phone either. A few days ago, his ex-wife, Mayte Zaldivarassured that he was “happy” to have returned home after almost three weeks in the hospital and that he enjoyed the little things, like his potato omelette: “Without onion, I make it for him and bring him a piece every day, which he loves”, he assured. “We want him to be calm and happy, as much as possible,” she added. “It has the strongest medication on the market at the moment but it continues to recognize us.”

Julián Muñoz went to prison in 2006 for crimes of embezzlement and prevarication. During the time he was in prison, he accumulated different pathologies that led to a delicate state of health. He suffers from ischemic-hypertensive heart disease, together with type 1 diabetes mellitus and a numerous condition, including arteriopathy. In the last two years in prison, he was forced to visit the hospital 29 times. The prison’s deputy medical director herself reported that Muñoz’s risk of death in the medium term (between one and five years) was greater than 50% despite treatment. In 2016, he was released on parole due to a proven “incurable illness.”