From Cayetano Martínez de Irujo to María del Monte or Manuela Villena: this is how the third day at the April Fair is lived

Third big day at Real de Sevilla and the desire does not wane. The El Turronero booth (which has spent around 80,000 euros on its party) continues to receive friends like Maria del Monte e Immaculate Casalwho already visited it this Monday, and other new ones like Manuela Villena, the wife of Juanma Moreno, president of Andalusia. The ‘first lady’ has been decked out in a fabulous flamenco dress with openwork fabric and off-white ruffles that she has combined with red accessories.

Cayetano Martínez de Irujo He has also repeated the day although this time with a different company. If on Sunday we saw him with his girlfriend, Barbara Mirjan, This time he has enjoyed the rebujitos and the sevillanas with his daughter, Amina.

The minister was also very animated Carmen Calvodressed in fluid polka-dot pants and a white blouse with a tasseled scarf, who was chatting with the deputy of the Andalusian parliament, Juan Espadas.

Gloria Camilla She showed off her Andalusian demeanor in a ruffled black dress with a mix of textures to which she gave a single touch of color with the red flower on her head, while Raquel Revueltaa regular at the Fair, has worn green with a beautiful shawl with floral embroidery on a purple background.

Passion has been seen in red Paz Padilladressed by Beatriz Benítez, who had a great time with her daughter, Ana Padillaand friends like the doctor Pablo Muñoz Cariñanos.

Victoria Federicawho this Monday caused a sensation with the Goyesque costume on the back of a horse, has slowed down on this third day and has shown a low profile, dressed for the street with an embroidered white blouse.