Carmen Borrego, desperate to bill, signs an exclusive as a grandmother

carmen borrego no She has been talking to her son for months, but she is already looking at how to make the most of the moment she becomes a grandmother. Jose Maria Almoguera Borrego he decided to break relations with his mother when she granted an exclusive to say that her first grandchild was on the way, since her daughter-in-law was pregnant.

She was not even three months pregnant and she already came out to tell it. In addition, she took the opportunity to give birth. She said all of Paola Olmedomother of his future grandson, and also of her mother, Pattyher mother-in-law.

That if they had separated her son from her and the rest of the family or if they were spiteful and without a good heart: “Spiteful people cannot have a good heart because rancor prevents them from doing so, rancor is hate. I like them,” he said emphatically. “It’s what scares me the most. I’m scared for my son,” she added. “We mothers are also very thinking: ‘Hey, let’s see if I get angry with Paola and in the end I won’t be able to see my grandson.” Well, it seems that is what she has achieved.

After these statements, his son decided to break all kinds of relationship with his mother. Since then they have not seen each other again. She herself has recognized it. The last time she spoke of this it was to correct her husband, Jose Carlos Bernalwho had said that they had solved it: “Reconciliation is not true.”

Carmen has not seen her son or her daughter-in-law in all this time. She has lost the pregnancy. She is going to be her first grandchild and she has not been able to enjoy the baby shower that Paola gave, nor to be able to go buy things for the baby’s room, or clothes or all the accessories that newborns need. The typical thing that some grandparents do. But as we mentioned at the beginning, this is not going to deprive Carmen of doing an exclusive when she is a grandmother. In fact, she already has it closed. As they assure Informalialast week Carmen Borrego met in Madrid with the director of Lectures.

Carmen does not miss the opportunity to bill. And less now that the next June 23 she runs out of Save me and, therefore, without their main source of income. Becoming a grandmother is one of those opportunities. as we count on Informaliathe youngest daughter of Maria Teresa Campos, he’s nervous. He does not see a very clear future after the end of the program. It does not have many outlets and its economic situation is not buoyant. The only hope is that, as is being said, La Fábrica de la Tele makes a program where they have it. But for now it is pure speculation.

That is why she is willing to listen to offers or continue giving exclusives even if it costs her a displeasure for talking about her son’s life. She insists on not wanting to talk about her mother and José María, but she doesn’t stop doing it. She could become the first grandmother to give an exclusive as a grandmother without having seen her grandson. In that exclusive, she would also talk about the health situation of her mother and the tense relationship she maintains with Have him. It is clear to her that anything goes.