Carlos Sainz: “We have been surprised by how much teams like Aston Martin have improved”


The Spanish driver Carlos Sainz, from Scuderia Ferrari, stated this Thursday that within his team “it has surprised how fast Red Bull is going” at the start of the Formula 1 season, and likewise “how much they have improved other teams like Aston Martin”, with the also Spanish Fernando Alonso at the wheel of a single-seater.

“The truth is that it has not been an easy start to the season. Everyone at Ferrari expected much more; after having been fighting for pole positions and victories last year, I think we went to the races with that intention,” said Sainz. in an interview facilitated by Estrella Galicia 0,0.

“We have been surprised by how fast Red Bull is going and how much other teams like Aston Martin have improved. You have to make a lot of effort at the factory in Maranello, bring improvements to return to the podium and fight for victory,” stressed the Madrid driver. from Ferrari.

In addition, Sainz has said that his “clear” objectives are “to return to the podium as soon as possible and win again”. “It is true that, with the advantage that Red Bull has right now, we are going to have to improve a lot if we want to be in the fight for victory, which does not mean that in any race something can happen to Red Bull and Aston Martin and we can sneak in first, but for now we are going to need his help and we will have to focus on what we have”, he added.

“Even so, I continue to go to all the races thinking that, until it is mathematically possible, we have to try to win races, maximize the points and improve, which is what we have started in these first races. If we had not had the sanction of Australia, now we would have another twelve important points, which in the end they don’t let me add, but it is what it is”, he reflected.


“I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many fans hooked on Formula 1. I assure you that in Barcelona I’m going to give everything to get back on the podium, for them and to give them a good race”, he indicated about the next Spanish Grand Prix on the Circuit of Barcelona-Catalonia.

The Estrella Galicia 0.0 beer brand has been an official sponsor of MotoGP since 2023 and one of the objectives of its alliance with Dorna is to develop a plan to have a positive impact on motor sports. “I think it is a fundamental piece of the future of Formula 1 as well, not just MotoGP,” said Sainz.

“In Formula 1, all the teams are working to make the championship more sustainable. The goal for 2030 is to leave a zero carbon footprint and we are trying everything,” added the driver from Madrid.


“We are a sport that travels a lot and uses a lot of energy to move the material to all the circuits and make the cars compete, but I think that progress is being made very quickly and with a little effort you can see how that carbon footprint goes down. I think we are going to achieve it”, he predicted.

On the other hand, Sainz has highlighted that he and the motorcycle rider Marc Márquez (Repsol Honda) follow each other “mutually”. “We encourage each other and we have a very good relationship”, he has pointed out. “As many of you know, when I come to Madrid I try to see him,” stressed the Ferrari driver.

“I am convinced that the three weeks now that Marc [Márquez] has been down to recover, as he always does, they will make him come back stronger. The weekend in Portugal, the guy pulled a ‘pole’ and a podium out of his sleeve that did not exist. Whenever he can, he gives the bell and will continue to do so “, Sainz concluded.