Marta Riesco, on the street and with her suitcase on her back: the shady episode that hides after her break with Antonio David

The tweeter ‘tides’ want information about what happened but neither Martha I can in Antonio David Flores let go of Their breakup, announced early this Thursday by the former reporter, has not been too surprising, since they had serious problems for months, but the key, in this case, is not what but how.

If the relationship between Marta and Antonio David has been, to say the least, hectic, the break was not going to be calm or friendly. Riesco’s first darts make it clear: “I need to assimilate what I have lived in the last hours”has written about a picture of their suitcases in the hallway. “I never thought they would do something like this to me at the worst moment of my life”, Explain. Hours before the announcement, Marta herself shared a story in which she walked along the Malaga promenade with her dog and asked: “Who has been left lying in the street with this storm?”. Theories have gone off: Has Antonio David kicked Marta out of her house?

Between one image and another (the one of the beach and the one of the suitcases) there is a difference of 14 hours and, according to The reasonthere is the key: a mysterious and dark episode took place that dynamited everything.

Marta, for the moment, has indicated to Rocio Flores as the culprit of everything: “I hope you are happy, you have already achieved what you wanted.” But the truth is that months ago we published that Ro was not the only one who resisted her father’s courtship: Antonio David’s sisters did not accept her new ‘sister-in-law’. She to the point of expressing it publicly through social networks and even having asked him to break up with the Madrid woman.

The same newspaper points out, in fact, that Rocío Carrasco’s ex had been wanting to end the relationship for some time, but he did not do so for fear of Marta’s reaction and the revenge that she could carry out, airing dirty laundry that did not would bring benefit to the already reviled public image of the youtuber.