Dani Alves’ new appeal points out the inconsistencies in the victim’s story: he denied kisses and the cameras don’t lie

New details of the footballer’s defense strategy are revealed, who has filed a new appeal (and there are already three) to obtain provisional release pending trial. The new 200-page report that Cristóbal Martorelllawyer of Dani Alveshas written for the magistrate focuses on one of the (few) inconsistencies in which the complainant incurred when giving her version of what happened: she denied that she had kissed the Brazilian that night but later affirmed it.

They rate the testimony of the alleged victim of “confused” and they provide an extract of the images taken by the security camera in which Dani Alves and the woman kiss repeatedly and apparently voluntarily inside the bathroom. They also add that the atmosphere that was felt between them, as the images would show, was not “terror”, as the victim’s defense points out, but “an atmosphere of gallantry.”

Alves’ team, who voluntarily testified before the judge last Monday, expects a response by the beginning of next week, although sources from the investigation insist that Dani’s appeal and provisional release will again be denied, since the situation is not It has improved for him in this sense: the risk of flight (he is from Brazil, a country without an extradition agreement) and destruction of evidence, as well as a great economic capacity and lack of roots in Barcelona, ​​​​now that his wife, Joana Sanzhas made their separation public.

Alves entered prison last January, accused of having raped a woman at the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona on December 30. The investigation process is about to end and the opening of the trial is expected for next summer.