We know who the trans woman Escassi was with is, what her name is and what her plans are

There is no talk of anything else. breaking off in between Alvaro Muñoz Escassi y Maria Jose Suarez is making headlines and more headlines because no one is quite clear about what happened between them. This time, things go beyond a simple infidelity. According to Informalia, the reason for the monumental anger of the woman who was the most beautiful woman in Spain 28 years ago does not end with the disloyalty of the jockey. That infidelity has not been the only one. Miss Coria del Río could not believe it when she found out that Álvaro had been with a woman whose five-letter name begins with B and who is transsexual.

She was the one who contacted María José after Álvaro left her in debt for a significant amount of money that she was not willing to lose. And that is where the email came from, the information about “I am the coat” and the details that came in it; with proof of having been with the person who until then was her boyfriend. And not only that, but also with information about videos that she had seen and that supposedly implicated her.

After listening to this woman, María José decided to put an end to her relationship with the man who until then was the man of her life. Sources close to the Andalusian comment that she had even considered going to the altar with the Sevillian and they have not had children in the three years they have been together because María José was not willing to go through another pregnancy. “She has enough with her son Elías, the fruit of her relationship with the businessman Jordi Nieto, who is now six years old. And she always refused, but for the jockey they would have had one,” they explain to us. A decision that the model is now “infinitely happy about,” of course.

María José is not going through a good time. As we already mentioned, she was deeply in love with Álvaro and love does not go away overnight. She is very disappointed and hurt by what she considers a betrayal. She never imagined that Álvaro could have betrayed her or that there was graphic evidence. This also scares her to death. “I don’t want to know anything more about him. Something very degrading has happened,” said María José Suárez just a few days ago.

Alvaro has been trying to pass the buck these days to mislead everyone. First, by showing up at the communion of El Turronero’s granddaughter with Hiba Abouk. By the way, the actress is also extremely pissed off after being involved in this show. Alvaro has been appearing on different television programs to explain himself. “I don’t want to sell anything. María José and I have been together for quite some time. We’ve been very close. We’ve had many nice moments and we’ve had a good time. But for about four months now, I don’t know exactly or two and a half, because the problems get bigger and bigger, we’ve been separated for a long time, coming back and being together again, being separated. It’s true that seven or eight months ago I came to live in Madrid permanently and we were further apart. It’s true that in those comings and goings, yes, we’ve made our lives on our own and then we’ve met again… There’s always been a lot of attraction, I’ve always been very much in love with her, but it’s true that I’ve made mistakes and I’ll make them because I’m human. I shouldn’t have gone on the cruise, even though it was with the best intention, to be with her.”

The third in discord called Maria Jose

These explanations have not been of much use because the information has been growing and growing until he himself has spoken of the emails and has pronounced the word “extortion”. But we are not faced with that situation. She, that woman whose five-letter name begins with B He called María José after Escassi failed to pay him 1,700 euros that he owed him. The email is from June 22, after the cruise that they both shared through the Norwegian fjords. That day Suárez opened his eyes. And so did Escassi after the news broke because he first reported the woman but then withdrew the complaint, paid the debt and signed a confidentiality agreement. But certain information indicates that the woman who has meant the end of the relationship between María José and Escassi is going to skip it. Has offers.