Carlos Latre updates Àngel Llàcer’s health status: this was their last conversation after his hospitalization

The environment of Angel Lazarus breathe calmly. At 50 years old, the comedian is slowly recovering from the poisoning he contracted on a trip to Vietnam and for which he had to be hospitalized a few weeks ago. His friend Carlos Latre speaks with him daily and, after the worry and uncertainty caused by the Catalan’s entry, this Wednesday he said that the worst is over.

The comedian, who in the next season will be in charge of Telecinco’s access prime time, explained, in statements to Europa Press, that the face of Atresmedia “is fine, out of danger.” “We have spoken almost daily. Every day I sent him my good morning kiss in the morningmy energy and I explained to him everything we were going to do that day, and he told me: ‘Look how life is, I was with The producers and with Your face is familiar to me and, suddenly, life takes a turn and you rethink many things,’ one of them being friendship,” he said. Luckily, they are calmer: “We have been worried about their health.”

These words come after Lolita, Llàcer’s friend and colleague at the jury table of Your face is familiar to meshared your concern. “Thank God he is out of danger and out of the hospital.”I don’t know if he can come back Your face is familiar to me because they have told him to rest, but from here I tell him that I love him, although we talk a lot because we have a chat with the jury.” “Your face is familiar to me Without my Àngel it is not the same and I get excited… because in the programs that remain I know that I am going to miss him very much,” he added.

Llàcer has been replaced by Santiago Segura in his chair in the Antena 3 contestWell, after a first entry, the producer was later able to join the program. However, a relapse forced him to be absent again.

Specifically, the comedian was affected by the so-called Shigella bacteria., an organism that can reproduce throughout the body. Its symptoms include fever, vomiting, diarrhea and nausea and, if it worsens, it can cause sepsis.