Carlos III, before the coronation: London bunkers with police and snipers to protect the royal jewels

Is called Operation Tower of London. A maximum security device, in which thousands of police officers, soldiers and even snipers have been mobilized, has been deployed in the British capital. His mission is to protect the Crown Jewels from white-collar thieves, which we will see in the enthronement of Charles III, next May 6. publishes it Daily Mirror.

The Tower of London, which guards the royal crown, and Westminster Abbey, are to be turned into bunkers. Neither the north bank of the River Thames, in the center of the capital, nor the great Gothic church of Dean’s Yard, scene of the enthronement, will look as usual these days. Far from routine, the tower and the abbey will appear armored for security.

Thousands of agents, including police, military and snipers, will guard the two strategic points of the ceremony and watch out for any suspicious movement of thieves. The route of the procession will also be armored, which will start at Buckingham Palace and go to Westminster. In the so-called Operation Tower of London Undercover agents will be deployed throughout the city. More than 2,000 guests will attend the ceremony, including representatives of royal houses, heads of state, presidents and prime ministers from around the world.