Arganda del Rey, elected European City of Sport in 2024

This was communicated by the president of ACES Europe, Gian Francesco Lupattelli, to the mayor of Arganda, Guillermo Hita

ARGANDA DEL REY (MADRID), 28 Apr. (SportsFinding) –

The Madrid town of Arganda del Rey has been named European City of Sport in 2024, according to a written statement from the president of ACES Europe, the Italian Gian Francesco Lupatelli, to the mayor of the municipality, Guillermo Hita.

The ACES Europe evaluation committee visited the Madrid municipality on April 19 and 20 to analyze the sports facilities and sports programs of the Madrid bid.

In the confirmation letter, Lupattelli highlights that Arganda del Rey is a “good example of sport for all as an instrument of health, integration, education and respect, which are the main objectives of ACES Europe”. “It has also developed an exemplary sports policy with programs and activities and for this reason the town is welcome to the ACES Europe family,” he added.

The gala in which the 2024 European City of Sport flag will be awarded to Arganda will take place at the end of the year at the European Parliament in Brussels.

During their visit, the ACES Europe committee highlighted “the professional preparation” of Arganda del Rey, as well as the fact that more than 30 percent of the Argandan population practices sports and that 7.38 percent of the municipal budget is allocated to sports.

“We are going to use this award to grow in sport. We do not want it to be recognized for the work done previously, but rather as a projection into the future. I am sure that 2024 will be a year for fundamental sport,” said the mayor of Arganda, Guillermo Hita.