Los Javis and 'La Mesías' sweep the Feroz Awards: anecdotes from the gala and list of winners

They started as favorites of the night but the competition was tough. Finally, Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrosi They have become the great winners of the Feroz 2024 thanks to the series La Mesías (Movistar). They go home with six awards: Best Leading Actor for Roger Casamajor, Best Supporting Actress for Irene Balmes, Best Leading Actress for Lola Dueñas, Best Supporting Actor for Albert Pla (which Stella Maris has picked up), Best Screenplay for Los Javis and Best Drama Series.

The Javis went on stage to collect their award, complete with a chop and a speech that moved those present: “I want to thank all those people who told us their real stories and inspired us to make this series. There is one thing that What happens is very beautiful, which is that when your pain, your trauma, your experience, has also happened to us writing this series, to many people on this team, you put it in an artistic creation, you see it from the outside, you can understand it and “Hopefully, you can heal her. This is the beauty of what we do.”

Excitement and nerves also for the very young Irene Balmes, the veteran Lola Duenasvery excited, and a little bit of humor that the Stella Maris: “Dear believer, dear follower, hello. Our father thanks you for this award.”

Although for thanks, those of the presenter, Brays Efe. He threw a zasca Pablo Motos that has been heard in China when approaching to talk to Andreu Buenafuente about his new job: “You play a presenter who becomes a ghost who has a hard time adapting to the new times. To prepare yourself, how many hours have you seen of The Anthill?”.

Despite the zasca, it was a good-natured gala with little demand in which respect, affection and admiration among all the professionals shone. The most emotional anecdote, in fact, took place on the red carpet, when the girl Sofia Otero (protagonist of 20,000 species of bees) has burst into tears upon meeting Los Javis.

Monica Randall He has received the Feroz de Honor Award for a lifetime dedicated to art. In his speech he remembered José Sacristán, Chicho Ibáñez Serrador and Carlos Saura, who received the same award in previous years: “I am embarrassed to be on this list. Last year you had Pedro Almodóvar and this year you have me. No It's the same… we are different beauties,” she said amusingly. “This is an honorary award and I value it very much, because it means that someone has thought of me, that I have remained in someone's memory.”

The complete list of winners


– Best dramatic film: 20,000 species of bees

– Best comedy film: Robot Dreams

– Best direction: JA Bayona (The Snow Society)

– Best leading actress in a film: Malena Alterio (let no one sleep)

– Best leading actor in a film: David Verdaguer (They know that one)

– Best supporting actress in a film: Patricia López Arnaiz (20,000 species of bees)

– Best supporting actor in a film: La Dani (I'm loving you madly)

– Feroz DAMA Award for best screenplay for a film: Juan Sebastián Vásquez, Alejandro Rojas (Upon Entry)

– Best original music: Robot Dreams

– Best trailer: The Snow Society

– Best poster: Robot Dreams


– Best drama series: the messiah

– Best comedy series: little faith

– Best leading actress in a series: Lola Dueñas (The Messiah)

– Best lead actor in a series: Roger Casamajor (The Messiah)

– Feroz DAMA Award for best script for a series: Javier Calvo, Javier Ambrossi, Nacho Vigalondo, Carmen Jiménez (The Messiah)

– Best supporting actress in a series: Irene Balmes (The Messiah)

– Best supporting actor in a series: Albert Pla (The Messiah)

– Best script for a series: Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo (The Messiah)

– Feroz Arrebato Fiction Award: Especially at night (Victor Iriarte)

– Feroz Arrebato Non-Fiction Award: The Sinhala (Paloma Zapata)

– Honor Award: Monica Randall