He is the fashionable footballer, a predator in the area. but of Erling Haaland Little, if anything, is known of his private life. The Norwegian is in love with Spain and escapes whenever he can to Marbella, where he was seen a few days ago accompanied by a very attractive girl in her twenties. They were holding hands and were walking through Puerto Banús, oblivious to the looks of those who recognized the soccer star.

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The young woman in question, according to a British newspaper, is called Isabel Haugseng and he is a footballer. He has known Erling for a few years, because they both played for the same club in the Norwegian town of Bryne.

But it was not until this year that the friendship became a sentimental relationship that seems established and very happy. Rumors suggest that they started dating just five months ago. Isabel is very athletic, she continues to play soccer, she has brown hair, light eyes that illuminate her face and she has made her first steps as a catwalk model.

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For Manchester City fans, this courtship has been quite a surprise, because their idol hinted before the summer that his girlfriends were the balls with which he had scored three goals in the same game. What’s more, he confessed that he slept with some of them, although this must have been a joke. Because, they say, Erling is a fun guy and a joker.