Season of Manu Vallejo it is being more than complicated. The Cadiz striker lives in ostracism and it hardly counts for José Bordalás, who has only given him 82 minutes throughout the season, despite the fact that the forward has been emptied every time he has played and was key in the draw against Mallorca with a superb long pass. Manu has always been clear that nobody was ever going to beat heavy and that he would not give up for a few minutes he had, however his role is less and less influential, the winter market is just around the corner and the footballer does not want to stay a whole year on the bench.

And that’s where Cádiz can come in. Vallejo’s home team He has always looked askance at the footballer since he landed in the capital of the Turia in 2019 but to date or they had never thrown himself at him for financial reasons, or the player had not wanted to leave because his role despite being a bench player was superior to the current one (last season at this point took 350 minutes). However, the Cadiz team hopes to have the opportunity in this next winter market.

Photo by Manu Vallejo

And is that Álvaro Cervera is not happy with the one who was the ‘signing of the summer’ in southern Spain: Florín Andone. The forward came on loan from Brighton to be important, not in vain his file is one of the highest in the squad, but in Cervera’s words, “he has had adaptation problems.” Thus, in the Carranza team they want to cut the loan of the Romanian… And go for another striker, among whom is Manu Vallejo as one of the options that the club in southern Spain is considering.

Valencia Shield / Flag

Although Cádiz only pays half of Andone’s token, the two million of euros that the Romanian charges would allow a certain economic margin to the club if they manage to cut the assignment, which is now the first objective in the entity. Vallejo’s token, or the half that Cádiz would have to pay for the remainder of the season to incorporate him on loan, It is an acceptable amount for the Andalusian club as long as they manage to get rid of Andone, who right now is the first token of a domino effect that can bring Manuel Vallejo home.

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Yes indeed, it would be a momentary return. In the capital of Turia they are clear that they are not going to give to Manu Vallejo since he is a young footballer who still has two and a half years of contract, so if he leaves he will yielded. In the entity they consider that an assignment can be positive for all parties since the player currently has little prominence, although if they had to sell it they wouldn’t do it for a ridiculous price, since in 2019 the club disbursed around 5.5 million euros.