In the philosophy of play of the Sports Union, As much as football is so changeable, the variables of each game are infinite, the premise always seems to be the same: to become strong, to control each game, through mastery of the possession of the ball. 16 days later, This idea is giving, for the moment, the reason to Pepe Mel.

It happens that Las Palmas is handled, every day with more ease and even though on Saturday it released its record of defeats at the Gran Canaria Stadium, 2-3 against Real Zaragoza, in the playoff positions of promotion to the First Division with that idea non-negotiable game. Happens that, 16 days later, UD is the team that has given the most passes, 7,706, followed by Sporting de Gijón, which accumulates 7,617. Pepe Mel’s boys have given so many good passes, 6415, as to accumulate a positive jump of 83.25%. And it is not that it is for not taking risks.

Las Palmas’ offensive voracity leads him to be the third team that has given the most passes in the opposite field, 3,981, a classification led by Leganés (4,441) and Eibar (4,066). Despite this, it is the island team the one with the best percentage accumulating on someone else’s land: 73.4%. In own field, the figure rises to 90.23%, only surpassed by 90.25% of Sporting. In global figures, the insular formation is the most effective when it comes to circulating the ball among its own players: 83.25%.

Coat of Arms / Flag Las Palmas

The offensive torrent that UD presents this year, 24 goals scored so far, is also supported by the defensive solidity of a team infinitely improved from one course to another in this matter. He takes fewer risks behind, which means his top four passers are defenders. It happens that the leader in this unique classification of passes executed is Eric Curbelo, who will reappear this Saturday against Malaga after serving a penalty match, 795 total passes, 718 of them good. They are seconded by Raúl Navas, 637 of 719, and Sergi Cardona, 545 of 685. Behind him are Álvaro Lemos, 407 of 549, and Erick Ferigra, 450 of 525. After them, the following on the list of Las Palmas that have given the most passes They are Enzo Loiodice, 446 good of 518 tried, and Jonathan Viera, 356 of 429.

And so, building his game from behind, so much insistence on getting the ball played, Las Palmas has come to cement its position in playoff positions. Long balls, only in specific moments. For something one starts. In the absence of a greater effectiveness of it, good is the possession of the ball.