The first European women’s football gala had a high level of participation by cracks and a natural tone that raised it to normality. That is what football and women’s sports need: normal events that are not carried away by the waves that are only vindictive or excessive praise. Women’s football needs to be treated normally, like sports. Yesterday a very important step was taken in the old Damm factory because the Gala passed with the emotion of Virginia, the force of Nadine, the empowerment of Evelina, the joviality of Nikita and the professionalism of flower, Jenni O Alexia. The commitment of the institutions (CSD, Generalitat, Ajuntament y Diputació) for women’s sport was confirmed in a Gala perfectly conducted by Gemma Soler, enlivened by Gisela and supported by important sponsors such as Caixabank, DAZN, Estrella Damm, Hyundai and Visa.

Virginia, the extraordinary Atlético player, captivated the room when she explained through tears her gratitude to the people who supported her to overcome a brain tumor that she fought and defeated with great effort. Laura Vilagrà, Minister of the Presidency of the Generalitat, coincided with the Secretary of State for Sports, Jose Manuel Franco, in the same objective of promoting women’s sport in a year in which the institutions are willing to raise the economic bar for their contributions. The international tone of the Gala allowed European televisions to have good content for their broadcasts, while the audience applauded the sports interventions of the protagonists. Women’s football (and sport) has seen a spectacular boom in recent years. Barça, represented by Elena Fort and Xavier Puig decided this September to put on sale a men’s size of the women’s team jersey that had only been marketed for women. Normality and naturalness. What should be. A big step. Cracks, gala