Not much less the duel next Saturday (8:30 pm) against Valladolid is a final for Almería, but it is an opportunity to deliver an almost definitive blow. The Indálico dressing room was set to arrive at the Christmas holiday with 40-45 points to have a good mattress once the skinny cows arrived. If they beat those of Pacheta, the UDA would go to 40 units when there are still four games left for the holidaysSpecifically, the four to finish the first round of the championship. It would be a real blow on the table, against a direct and heated rival, scoring a dozen points for Valladolid.

Coat of Arms / Flag Almería

If Almería go to 40 points next Saturday, they will have done so achieving a historic record, since it would be the seventh consecutive victory, something they had never achieved before. The best so far belongs to last season, when José Gomes managed to score 18 points out of 18 possible by defeating Sabadell (1-2; match postponed on the first day), Rayo (0-1), Mirandés (2-1), Albacete (1-2), Tenerife (2-0) and Oviedo (1-2 ). It was Mallorca that ended the streak with a goal from Abdón Prats at the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos, the scene where next Saturday the UDA is looking for its seventh success in a row after beating Real Sociedad B (3-1), Mirandés (1). -4), Leganés (1-0), Sporting (1-0), Burgos (2-0) and Ibiza (1-0).

378 minutes without conceding a goal

“Scoring two goals is not easy. That is the key to consistency in results: being a team that doesn’t fit in much.”, explained Rubi last week in the interview with AS. The rojiblanco team is, with just eleven goals conceded, the team that fits the least in the silver competition, having already passed 378 minutes since the last time Fernando picked up a ball from his goal. It was in Anduva, when Vicente scored the 1-4 penalty.

Since then, Almería has managed to chain four games leaving a clean sheet, specifically, against Leganés, Sporting, Burgos and Ibiza, something he had never done since the arrival of the sheikh. In fact, in this era he only managed three matches in a row without conceding: in the league start of the 19-20, with Pedro Emanuel at the helm. For its part, to find a better streak than the current one you have to go back to March 2016, with four games without conceding: Albacete, Tenerife, Girona and Elche. 437 were the minutes between Raúl García’s goal for Alavés and Héctor Yuste’s for Mallorca. To overcome that streak, Almería needs to arrive next Sunday at game time without conceding a goal.