The former coach of Valencia, José Bordalás, appeared at a press conference, in a central hotel in Valencia, to say goodbye to the fans. Former coach Ché did not charge against Meriton’s management nor did he go into details. Of course, during the same cries were heard from the fans against the management of Meriton and in favor of the dismissed technicians.

farewell: “I want to say goodbye to the fans. I prefer to say goodbye like this, instead of on social networks. Something very gratifying to have worked at Valencia this year”.

How have you lived the last week?: “It was something unexpected but this is football. Clubs have owners. The club has decided that I will not continue in Valencia and I have to accept it. I wish I could have continued. We have lived very beautiful moments. thank everyone, players, coaching staff. I am proud to have been able to coach Valencia”.

Reasons given: “You all know the reasons. This is soccer. I am proud to have managed a club with more than 100 years of history. We have worked with dedication to try to achieve the objectives. We are happy because we have done a job in which we have given everything. I predict that Valencia will be among the best again”.

Do you think you were looking for the Valencia coach a long time ago?: “I do not know. It’s not something that worries me. I wish Valencia the best. I am willing to help the coach who comes in and I wish him the best. Being at Valencia has marked me. This club and the fans have marked me and I only have words of gratitude. I am lucky to lead this Valencia. If Rafa Nadal doesn’t complain about anything, how am I going to complain?

Relationship with Anil Murthy: “My relationship has always been cordial, there have been no conflicts. There may be differences of thought. I, as a technician, have to accept it. I demanded some things… it couldn’t be. We are satisfied because I think Valencia will recover its status in national and international football. It has not given us to be in Europe. We were in a final, we lost due to a penalty, an action by Carlos Soler, at the last minute, where we were able to win… We had a great group of people, the fans, the coaching staff. I leave satisfied and happy with the work. I will be one more Valencianista and I will support whatever I need”.

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How do you make a transfer in Valencia?: “It is not the moment because I no longer belong to Valencia. Talking about the past gets me nowhere. I have to be respectful towards Valencia because I have great affection for them”.

Do you think the statements have taken their toll on you?: “Now I cannot comment on what could have been done. I have great respect for Valencia, but I cannot give an opinion of what I consider. If you need me to help you with whatever you need, I will. I wish the best to the people who are in front. From now on, I’m going to rest, disconnect… Because I need it. It has been a year, but it has marked me”.

Ways of your departure: “I don’t know if it’s because of bureaucracy or for another reason. In the end it was transmitted to me and I am not going to assess whether it is the correct way or not”.

Peter Lim: “That we have not had recent contact does not mean that he is not a close person. The two meetings I’ve had I can’t say it’s not close.”

Why don’t you talk about everything that’s happened?: “Many people expected other answers. I have a lot of respect for Valencia. I do not know if they have acted well or badly. That you have to tell the media. I have come here to say goodbye and to thank you for your behaviour. It wouldn’t help at all to go back to March or December. I demanded some things and the club could not give them to me. Now I don’t belong to Valencia”.

How has it marked you? “It has marked me very positively. I had an enormous perception of Valencia. When you see this feeling those who leave everything for Valencia. The experience lived in the Copa del Rey. Having put my grain of sand so that people could recover this feeling”.

Why do you think they fired you?: “I don’t think about it. I have already had many experiences. I have had many owners. At Alavés they terminated me after being promoted. At that time it affected me a lot, but then it went really well for me. This does not surprise me, I accept it. I would like to have given continuity to what we started”.

Would you return to Valencia with another property?: “I’m going to take a break to recharge my batteries. Speaking in the long term… I will carry Valencia in my heart”.

Gayà and Carlos Soler: “They are two magnificent players, I have a special affection for them. They are super players and they should continue here, I have no doubt. Then there is the decision of the club and the players themselves. They carry Valencia in their hearts. But not only them, Hugo Guillamón, too. Many have thanked me for this season”.

Anil Murthy: “Anil has been my president and I have great respect for him, just as he has respected me”.

Have you felt neglected?: “I have not felt neglected. I believe that respect is earned and I have done so throughout the season. We would have liked Valencia to be in Europe. He is going to play in a Spanish Super Cup and I wish him the best”.

Would you have liked to train Valencia in another era?: “It is clear that Valencia is a historic team, they have won leagues, they have been finalists in the Champions League… they have had great teams. Who would not have liked to manage those teams? I have arrived at a different time, but I have contributed to the fact that some of the players have improved, they have revalued themselves and I am very happy about it”.

It seems that his time at Valencia has been a happy marriage: “I have not come here to be critical of anyone, but to say goodbye. I cannot enter into conflicts because I am no longer Valencia’s coach. The fans are the heart of Valencia. Valencia will once again be among the best”.

Did you think: ‘What have I done wrong for them to throw me out’?: “When they tell you that you do not continue to have a contract, it is not what you expect. I may disagree, but it is the decision that the owners make. My commitment has been maximum with Valencia. My conscience is clear. I am human and I have been wrong and I will be wrong. In some things I could have done better.”

Why do you think that Valencia is going to be among the best again?: “You just have to see what Valencia means, what it drags, its fans. I’m not a magician, but sooner rather than later Valencia will be at the top because football and history demand it”.

Are you aware of the amount of disappointment you are generating outside?: “You have to understand. I am no longer the coach of Valencia. I don’t think the fans are unhappy with my press conference. I could have done it through social networks, which is very fashionable now. I wanted to say goodbye to everyone and let them hear by my voice that I am very proud. Now a new stage begins and I wish him the best”.

Does it seem like an unfair decision?: “Talking about the past now… When I was managing Valencia, I talked about what was happening”.