The main trade chains operating in Spain and logistics need 43,000 employees to face the Black Friday, which will take place on November 26. Seven out of ten contracts will be signed only in the logistics sector, whose most demanded profiles will be packers, carters, warehouse workers and transporters.

These forecasts correspond to the human resources company Randstad, which points out that both the Black Friday As the Cyber Monday On November 29, around 43,170 hires will be generated in our country, the highest figure in recent years, 22.7% higher than last year’s figure and 48.8% more than in 2019, before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Dynamism in logistics

69.8% of these firms will be produced in the logistics sector, which has increased in importance compared to last year, when the peso was 67.5%. For its part, commerce went from accounting for 32.5% of all contracts for Black Friday in 2020 to 30.2% in this campaign.

Specific, Contracting in logistics will mean 30,120 signatures this year, an increase of 26.7% compared to last year, while commerce will register 13,050 headings, 14.2% more than the 2020 campaign

“The record data to be recorded this year points to the consolidation of electronic commerce as a consumer trend, while highlighting logistics as one of the most dynamic sectors in the recovery. Another great news is that it is these good data can be the prelude to very positive hiring figures in the imminent Christmas campaign “, assures Valentin Bote, director of Randstad Research.

Randstad highlights that all autonomous communities will register increases in their hiring volume for the next campaign of Black Friday

In fact, in relation to 2019, before the outbreak of the crisis, the report highlights that Euskadi (with an increase of 50.8%), Asturias and Andalusia (both with 50.2%), are the autonomies that will see hiring grow the most in this campaign from Black Friday. They are followed, still above the national average (48.8%), by the Valencian Community (50%), Extremadura (49.3%) and Navarra (49.1%).

Yes below average rate of the country as a whole are the Region of Murcia, Castilla y León (both with an increase of 48.7%), Canarias (48.4%), Catalunya (48.3%), La Rioja (47.9%), Aragon and Galicia (both with 47.8%). The most moderate percentages will take place in Cantabria, the Balearic Islands (both with 47.5%), Castilla-La Mancha (47.1%) and the Community of Madrid (47%).

Andalusia, the one that hires the most

In absolute terms, Andalusia (7,740), Catalonia (7,000) and the Community of Madrid (6,040) will register the highest volumes, all of them above 6,000. In fact, the sum of these three autonomies will account for about half (48.1%) of all the contracts that will be signed during the campaign.

By provinces, Randstad highlights that Tarragona (52.7%), Palencia (52.3%), Vizcaya (52.1%), Almería and Toledo (all with 52%), will register the largest increases compared to 2019 , while the lowest will take place in Segovia (38.7%), Teruel (42.5%), Soria (43.7%), Lugo (44.3%) and Guadalajara (44.9%).

Job recovery

Randstad predicts that the logistics sector will be one of the main drivers of recruitment both in the current campaign of Black Friday as in the Christmas parties.

In fact, the profiles that logistics companies will demand the most to respond to increased consumption will be those of packers, handlers, warehouse workers and transporters, among others.

In addition, an increase in the needs of professionals assigned to the customer service, both for attention online like telephone. Among the most valued skills and abilities, this campaign will highlight the domain of technological tools related to the sector.

Although it represents a lower volume, the commerce sector will also see an increase in recruitment. Companies will need professionals to reinforce their workforce in the face of the increase in consumers, such as dependents, promoters, hostesses and commercial profilesMainly, among those who value the close relationship with the client and their communication skills.

Protagonism of the ‘online’

Given the prominence of e-commerce in this campaign, candidates will often have to rely on digital skills and knowledge of certain technology platforms typical of trade or logistics. Employers also value previous experience for rapid adaptation to a very changing market, which also depends on the restrictions and other vicissitudes caused by the health crisis.

Less spending in Spain

On the other hand, this year, the average budget in all the countries surveyed for purchases of the Black Friday y Cyber Monday It’s about 236 according to a study by Simon-Kucher & Partners, a global strategy and marketing consulting firm.

While the average in Spain is slightly lower, 216 euros, this represents an increase of 9% compared to 2020, but still below the 266 euros of 2019. “Although many behaviors were influenced by the pandemic during the Christmas shopping season last year, 60% of consumers globally they indicate that they expect many of these behavioral changes to continue, “says the firm.