Betting is Different: The Difference Between Bookmakers And Casinos

Online sportsbooks and online casinos have walked hand in hand for decades. And many people still are not quite sure about the difference between the two. Or at least they think that one website or land-based brand necessarily encompasses both the top-notch casino online games and sports betting events. However, this isn’t the case.

Even though you can find that many operators offer both casino games and a sportsbook section on their site, in most cases that operator is either mainly an online casino operator or an online betting site. This means that even though the operator includes both, they will focus more on one or the other. 

What is more, this is because even though some people might look for colourful and exciting casino games, they might want to place a bet on their favourite sports team. Although there are hundreds of dual platforms offering both products, there are a couple of important differences to mention. Before we get into details, let’s talk about the specifics of each activity.

What is Betting?

Betting is an activity where two sides are betting on a particular outcome of a game. In general, online platforms that feature sportsbooks are bookmakers and betting exchanges. The first one is where you bet against the bookmaker’s odds, whereas the second one connects two individuals who want to bet on an event.

The bet can be placed on any activity or a simple prediction. That makes it easy for anyone to bet, meaning that it’s an amateur-friendly activity. While many famous athletes such as Michael Jordan have bet on games such as rock paper scissors, the average bettor enjoys betting on sports.

You’ll find plenty of choices in online sportsbooks which often count more than 30 different sports and even more leagues and events. Then there’s the in-play betting feature that many bettors like due to its exciting nature. Whatever the case, as you keep exploring different betting features and types, you’ll see why there are so many professional bettors.

When it comes to popular types of betting, these are in-play betting, sports betting and special event betting such as elections and Eurovision.

What is Gambling

Gambling is a completely different activity where the player wagers money differently. First, there are different types of games. Some players love exploring slots, whereas others with more experience prefer table games. Whatever the case, online casinos feature all types of games because it is one of the criteria that players consider. That way, online gambling platforms appeal to more potential players.

The best part is that players can still feel like they’re in a real casino thanks to the live streams available. Registered users can access live streams with real people and can enjoy the complete casino experience remotely. It is one of the technologies that have made an impact on the online casino industry. Another one that will do the same is VR.

What Do They Share?

Before we get into all the differences, there are a couple of similarities to mention. Each of these activities is similar because they involve a lot of luck but also a certain amount of skills. Therefore, some spending strategies and bankroll management are equally important in both gambling and sports betting since they both share the luck-based factor. That’s why many sportsbooks and casinos have their daily wagering limits. 

On the other hand, both casino fans and bettors need to have a certain level of skills to be able to win when playing or betting. For example, even though players mostly rely on luck when enjoying casino games like slots and roulette, there are those who also opt for games like poker or blackjack. In these card games, luck is an important factor, but players can also influence the outcome of the game by having a certain level of skills. The same applies to sports betting. Even though the outcome of every sports event is unpredictable, sports enthusiasts know to rely on statistics, odds, and the latest sports news before placing a bet. In this way, they are more informed and they increase their chance of winning than by simply adding a random selection to their betting slip. 

Another important thing they share are marketing approaches. Both sportsbooks and casinos partner with celebrities and popular sports teams. This helps the brands achieve higher brand awareness without spending too much money. You can find millions of sponsorships in football, basketball, golf, horse racing, motor racing and many other sports. What is more, you will even find interesting sweepstakes that will enable players or bettors to win unique experiences, such as going to the World Cup or visiting a casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. 

Last but not least, competitiveness is another thing both casinos and sportsbooks share. In their pursuit of getting more customers, many brands are offering generous welcome bonuses. It’s the perfect way of incentivizing new users to join an online sportsbook or a casino. While sports betting lovers can look forward to free bets, casino players can expect matched deposit bonuses and free spins.

How Are They Different?

Sports betting and gambling differ in a couple of important ways. It’s fair to say that bettors who invest a lot of time in learning about a sport and following the news have higher odds of placing a successful bet. Therefore, sports betting is a relatively skill-based activity. There are numerous factors that can impact the outcome of a match and experienced bettors can make an informed decision more easily.

On the other hand, the only way experienced players can increase their chances of winning is by playing skill-based games such as poker. Otherwise, gambling is much more luck-based. While you can deploy some tactics in blackjack and roulette, it still comes down to luck. The same applies to slots which are completely luck-based.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that bettors can at the same time enjoy betting more and be more strategic about it. Those who love sports and follow games can have fun by placing bets based on logic. It might not always work, but it still has more chances of occasionally winning some money.

Those who love gambling get more excited from the adrenaline rush. Each wager they make might turn into a life-changing win bringing them millions. Just take a look at progressive jackpot games. They are extremely popular because players hope that the jackpot is potentially behind the next spin. That also means that gambling in online casinos might be more rewarding Some prizes count millions in rewards. To achieve the same, the bettor would have to put a much higher stake.


As you can tell, betting is quite different from gambling at a casino. Still, both of these activities are luck-based to a big degree. While players who enjoy sports betting might have a bit higher odds of winning some cash occasionally, casino players can potentially win big sums of money. Each of these activities is unique in its way. The primary difference is that bettors are usually involved in a sport they bet on, whereas casino goes like the constant rush they feel while gambling.