sea ​​flowers He was at the Santiago Bernabéu this Wednesday enjoying the duel between Real Madrid and Liverpool in the Champions League, which ended with a 1-0 victory for the Merengue team, finishing off their pass to the quarterfinals. The businesswoman, accompanied by her children Bruno y dariosaw the game in the VIP Box, where the businessman was also Manuel Garcia-Duran together with his son.

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The ex of Elías Sacal, Alessandro Lequio and Cayetano Martínez de Irujo have been annoyed by some insinuations in this regard: “I hallucinate with the interest that someone like me can go to soccer. I went with my twins and yesterday to basketball at the Wizink with friends “He clarified this Friday through a note on the radio program of Federico Jiménez Losantos.

And he added: “It becomes uncomfortable for my friends, which I have many. In addition, I went to greet Federico [Jiménez Losantos]they could have said that he had been my companion”. In this way, he has denied having a sentimental link with the businessman.

The model enjoyed the game with her young children. The twins Bruno and Darío, the result of her ill-fated marriage with javier merino. As time goes. The businessman and the socialite had two other children: Mauro who has already passed the age of majority, and beltran, who is still in his teens. The other ‘child’ in his eyes is the model Charles Constantiahis son with Carlo Costanzia of Costigliolewho is also an actor and participated in Toy Boy (Antena 3 y Netflix).

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On behalf of Manuel García-Durán, the man with whom the collaborator of And now Sonsoles has been related, is president and CEO of Ezentis. She also became president of Telefónica Media, in addition to holding other important positions in the company. She also held the vice presidency of Antena 3 TV. She has a son, Manuel, the fruit of her marriage to Princess Melba Ruffo di Calabria, sister-in-law of Queen Paola of Belgium.