Cathedral opens its doors to Marcelino, that with him Athletic-Barça today (postponed from the second day) begins one of the greatest challenges of his career (follow the game live on Coach of reputed ability, these are not easy days for Athletic, who decided to dismiss Garitano despite being in calm waters of the classification. Marcelino It has generated some controversy at Botxo but, with the exception of Sevilla, where the heavy hitters of the squad did not help him, he has succeeded where he has gone. After leaving Dizziness, Recre, Racing, Zaragoza, Villarreal, Valencia… We will see how it goes in a club with such a special idiosyncrasy and such great values. Marcelino starts against a bull run down, Barça, which brings back good memories. A wink. That Seville Cup final raised him in Valencia. Paradoxes of life, Marcelino remains de facto champion and could maintain status if he wins the pending final against Real.

But let's go to Barça, that giant with feet of clay capable of losing in Getafe, Cádiz, playing in Vitoria or winning asking for the time against the bottom in Huesca. The only thing missing Koeman was the COVID threat, which has Barcelona fans on edge after the two positives in the technical staff of the Dutch. For Barça, everything is final in a race against the clock it is not very clear with what objective, because LaLiga is very far. It is a Barça on tour, who will not play at home for the entire month of January and who is waiting for this visit from Bilbao, Granada and Elche. Braitwaite or Griezmann is the great doubt of Koeman, who could bet on a 4-4-2 to counteract Marcelino's fetish system. The Cathedral, eye, can fire Messi. The Argentine, fought with the goal for months, has been feared, but also highly respected in Bilbao, where he scored an unforgettable goal in the 2012-13 season. If it has to be your last game at La Catedral, you will want to put your eternal signature on it. Bells for this legend.


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