The new program Ana Rosa Quintana began on the afternoon of this Monday, September 18, with an exciting tribute to the pioneers of television, including María Teresa Campos. Belen EstebanHours before, he spoke about it and wished his former boss luck.

“Is it opening today? Well, nothing, I wish her to do well, she is a great professional, she enjoys it and, nothing, I’m not like Joaquín,” said the town’s princess after being asked about it at an event. promotional with CreaEnergia, a company with which it has launched an electricity rate.

In order not to stir up more controversy than necessary, the former collaborator of Save me He qualified his words: “Just kidding, a kiss Joaquín.”

Be that as it may, Belén’s words have come after the great controversy that Joaquín Prat sparked this weekend. The presenter of We’ll seeTelecinco’s new morning program, said in The country about Save me: “Ana Rosa taught me that elegance should never be lost. The histrionics of Save me It ends up tiring.” Joaquín added: “Histrionics is like buying a yellow car. He loves it, but after two days it’s up to him… If he had bought a gray one, it would last him more years.” The truth is that the yellow car lasted him Jorge Javier Vazquez and company 14 years, which is not bad at all.

Belén, for her part, also revealed this Monday the name of the new Netflix program with eight of the most emblematic collaborators of the program.