Belén Esteban mercilessly attacks Jesulín and Campanario: “She hurt me a lot and he didn’t have the guts to stop her”

The people’s princess has turned her program upside down Not even if we were shhh… making public a letter that María José Campanario sent him years ago. Jesulín’s wife, who turned 46 yesterday, called her “stupid”, “meme” and “cheap little princess”, among other niceties, and gave her harsh warnings: “Worry more about what you could lose, exactly 20 years of lies, and maybe even, what a shame, your job. I don’t want to, but I could.” Belén Esteban did not respond at that time to Campanario’s harsh words but she did so this Wednesday: “Do you ever think about writing another letter in your fucking life.”

Belén has confessed that that letter hurt her a lot, so much so that she forwarded it to her daughter’s father, but he never responded: “For me that letter was very hard, but do you know what was harder for me? Not the letter, because I’m going through it myself. It was harder that my daughter’s father didn’t have the guts to answer.” And he added: “I know that I have hurt you, I admit it, but you hurt me a lot on many occasions. Especially with this letter. And no one had the guts to stop you.”

The talk show host has confessed that her husband, Miguel Marcoshad written him a message asking him to tone it down and it must be said that, at least, he tried: “I’ve had a bad time too. I know you have fibromyalgia and I know what you suffer from. I had an addiction. And one day you called me and I went to Deluxe to tell it. “I was wrong and I apologize for that,” she said, intoning the ‘mea culpa’: “You told me things that I didn’t understand, and I shouldn’t have done it. You and I have said many things to each other. And the one who had to do something did nothing”, he said, once again, referring to Jesulín. “The one I’m not going to forgive is the one I’m not going to forgive. Not for myself, but for what I love most. María José, you haven’t helped either. I see you very well. “I want you to be happy, to be happy with him, but in your fucking life can you think of writing another letter.”

And finally, breaking the promise he made to Andrea not to speak publicly about their family relationship, he released: “When his birthday comes and you have to call to remind him. Damn. Oh, how lucky you are! But like I said one day, MA-TO. And I kill, eh.”