María José Campanario’s devastating letter against Belén Esteban: “Cheap little princess, you are a fool who doesn’t see beyond money”

Curious gift from the television talk show host to the wife of Jesulín de Ubrique, who turned 46 this Tuesday, boasting of being in one of the most serene and happy moments of his life. TO Belen Esteban He must not have been amused and this Wednesday he reminded him of the battle they had for years both in front of and behind the cameras. And the thing is that Paracuellos has made public a letter, until now unpublished, that she received from María José Campanario in which he calls her anything but ‘pretty’.

“Do you want a Third World War? Do you even know what that means? No, cheap little princess, there is no need for wars, although I have all the weapons and I am shooting. Among them, all the lies that you have spewed for 20 years about me and about my family, and that not even those closest to you know. With this I would die with them, which differentiates me from you, among many other things. Dedicate yourself to your family and leave me alone, for your own good.” This is how the letter that the Ubrique bullfighter’s wife sent to Belén Esteban began when she shared her family problems with the audience of half of Spain through a spot on television.

One that, by the way, Campanario claimed he could take it away if he wanted to: “Worry more about what you could lose, exactly 20 years of lies, and maybe even, what a shame, your job. I don’t want to, but I could. I’m not one for war, but don’t touch my family, because you’re not talking about your life, you’re talking about me, your daughter and my family, and you have profited from them for years,” the dentist warned. “So, pray for your own good, so that she remains silent and does not ruin the beach bar that you have set up and that they have fed for others, wishing to take you to court.”

The tone rises with each line and the letter ends with very harsh words: “I swear on my life, so think about what you can gain or lose. Twenty years sucking a breast that doesn’t belong to you. “Just because you are quick-witted, and a fool who doesn’t see beyond making money at the expense of others.”. And he concludes: “Girl, you alone are a meme, take advantage of it. Sincerely: the mother of Jesús Janeiro Bazán’s children and his wife, and the one who could end you. Do you want others to know? Will you be able, or “Shall we call those who knew you during your time in Madrid?”, in reference to the stage in which Belén Esteban had problems with substances, a problem that almost cost her her life and from which she recovered for her own happiness and that of the others. his.