Belén Esteban explodes after being accused of putting on a show at Isabel Pantoja’s concert: “Embarrassing”

Saturday, April 13. The Wizink Center full to see Isabel Pantoja. In the VIP stands, Terelu Campos, Hiba Abouk y Belen Esteban, among many others. The ‘people’s princess’ got so involved in the role that she jumped the security barriers and she had to be reprimanded by those responsible for order. There were dozens of criticisms on social networks against the television station’s attitude: “Embarrassing”, “She has degraded herself”, “What can you expect from a conceited and raban person”… She has defended herself: “Oh mother, what we have to endure…”

It is the message that Belén shared through Instagram this Monday, accompanied by the song in which Alaska asks “Who cares what I do? Who cares what I say?” A few hours before, she also shared a video dancing at the concert (this time in her stands) and a photo with Anabel Pantoja: “I had a great time. It seems like everyone dances… I’m selling advice that I don’t have for myself.” “. And she added: “By the way, I came out last. I hope you are happy.”

Be that as it may, the truth is that Belén Esteban left her seat to stand in front of the stage, in front of the first row, to sing and perform a moment from the show. They claim that it was at that moment when those responsible for security at the facility warned her that she could not obstruct the hallway and ordered her to return to her place. Witnesses claim that she showed a “cocky and arrogant” attitude.