“I’m tired of him using me to hurt me”

A Carmen Borrego dwarfs grow. Added to her problems with her son and daughter-in-law over the “poisonous” interview with which they publicly attacked her is the ‘betrayal’ of Gustavoher mother’s former driver and whom both she and Have him They consider themselves a brother. The two met last week in a cafeteria in Madrid and he revealed part of the conversation they had had on television. Carmen, upset, asked him for explanations and after an exchange of messages, the driver ended up blocking her on WhatsApp.

The daughter of Maria Teresa Campos has been outraged This is life for what happened: “I’m tired of being used to hurt me. You decide to enter one reality a week after my mother died and I was not there to defend you. You went to a reality for working with my mother and I because I am Carmen Borrego,” she said angrily, responding to some of the comments that Gustavo left last Friday on TardeAR. “If you’ve blocked me, it’s your problem. He gets angry because I tell Leticia Requejo that I am calm, not hurt, as he was saying. Then he writes to me and I’m not going to show the message. “I’m not going to act the same as them.” And he explained: “The only thing I can be clear about is what I say and what I don’t say.” So, in a family problem in which I am absolutely contained and serene, I don’t think it’s time for anyone to set fire to it. Let everyone do what they want, but without lying“.

Carmen Borrego also assures that her mother would not like to see what Gustavo is doing: “I have no problem meeting him. I’m not going to block him, if he wants to be a collaborator and they hire him, I’ll celebrate it. Thank God my mother is not here to experience it. My mother authorized him to do an interview, not to talk about his family. She wouldn’t allow it and anyone who says otherwise is lying.” And she adds: “Every time she has gone to a set it has been to talk about my family. If limits are crossed, yes I will get angry, but now I am not angry with Gustavo. I have nothing to fear, let him do what he wants. “The only thing I beg of you is to speak the truth and leave my mother aside.”

Gustavo’s response

It didn’t take the driver two hours to respond to Carmen Borrego’s darts. “If I am sitting on a set like she is, I would not allow them to put up a sign that says ‘Carmen, the traitor’. I am not taking advantage of Carmen. You are calling me to be a collaborator of Survivors and you keep calling me. So, I take advantage of the opportunity and I am very proud of it,” he said in TardeAR.

The former Big Brother contestant added: “I have entered GH and I have only spoken well of them (in reference, also, to Terelu). I have only said good things about that family. I have always gotten along well with Carmen. We’ve had fights as brothers, of course, but I’ve never had a problem with her. “She has rubbed me the wrong way for what she has done and I am hurt, which is why I have blocked her.”