Bayern will speak with Mazraoui after the break about his desire for a victory for Palestine

MUNICH (GERMANY), Oct. 16 (dpa/EP) –

Bayern Munich assured this Monday that it “immediately contacted” the Moroccan defender Noussair Mazraoui after the commotion caused by his messages on social networks in favor of the Palestinians and that upon his return from the break he will speak privately with the player.

“Bayern immediately contacted Noussair Mazroui following his Instagram posts on Sunday. The player is currently in Africa with the Moroccan national team. After his return, a detailed personal meeting with the club management in Munich is planned.” , Bayern told the ‘dpa’ agency.

The Bavarian club recalled that “everyone, including all employees and all players, knows what values ​​Bayern defends.” “We have already expressed them publicly and unequivocally directly after the terrorist attack against Israel. We care about our friends in Israel and we stand by them. At the same time, we hope for a peaceful coexistence of all the peoples of the Middle East,” he stressed.

The 25-year-old winger posted a video on social media wishing victory to the Palestinians in the conflict with Israel and shared a short clip in which a voice says in the style of a prayer: “God, help our oppressed brothers of Palestine to achieve victory. May God have mercy on the dead, may God heal their wounded.”