From Moncho Ferrer to Pablo Sebastian: those attending the funeral of Carmen Sevilla, marked by the absence of her son

Friends and family of the actress and presenter met this Monday, the day in which Carmen Sevilla would have turned 93 years old, to pay him a new tribute, as we advance on this portal. It was in the church of San Francisco de Borja, in the center of Madrid, and at the head of the organization were his nieces, Elena and Carmenin full controversy with his cousin Augusto Algueró: “He was invited but he couldn’t come.”

They were the ones who raised the alarm about the ashes of the mythical Carmen of Spain, which remain in the funeral home three months after the cremation. They withdrew a part, with prior authorization from their cousin, Augusto Algueró, who did not want to enter into the controversy. They claim that he is very affected by the death of her mother, which is why he refused to have a massive and public funeral and said goodbye to her in the most absolute privacy of her.

The first tribute was organized by Rappel in Madrid. He did not have the assistance of Augustus but he did have his approval. He even sent them an emotional letter that the psychic read in the response: “Until the last moment I had the intention of attending the funeral, but I find myself without the strength and without the courage to share this emotional meeting. Thank you for your love and memory of her. “As she herself would tell them, may God bless you all.”

This Monday was organized by her cousins, Carmen Sevilla’s nieces, who attended the media at the doors of the temple: “She was light. This is our farewell gift and she would have loved to be with the press and the people I loved,” they said. “She was pure joy, humility, honesty.” They have been supported by some of the best-known friends of her ‘tita’, as they called her: Pablo Sebastian, Marili Coll or Moncho Ferrer, among others.