Jaume Bartrés, an illustrious member of Espanyol, a club he had been with since 1998, leaves the Parakeet club and signs for Barcelona. The physical trainer returned to the entity in 2017 after two seasons in the United Arab Emirates with Javier Aguirre, although he has played different roles in his 17 years as a Espanyol worker. Now, and with Ramon Planes as the head of the sports area, he signed for the Barça club like other parrots in the past.

Espanyol Shield / Flag

Bartrés began as youth soccer coach from 1998 to 2007. A classic for the benches that he left the entity for two seasons to live two experiences in semi-professional soccer. First, Ramon Planes recruited him to Lleida (2007) and later he spent two courses at Sant Adreu (2008 to 2010). He returned in the stage of Mauricio Pochettino to the physical preparation of the first team, an area that he reinforced until 2015.

The coaching staff of the first team lost another employee who had become a classic, in this case due to an offer with better conditions, and after the dismissal of Jordi Pérez, a prop who had been carrying out this work for 25 seasons.


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