Barça will be able to register players in LaLiga unlocking 60 million pending

They do not consider the income of the new members of ‘Barça Vision’ a new ‘lever’


FC Barcelona will be able to register players -be they new signings or renewed players- in LaLiga as it unlocks the 60 million euros that it has pending payment for an old lever that was not activated and that was provisioned by the employers, who do not consider the injection of investment announced this Friday by the Blaugrana club a new ‘lever’.

Of the 120 million euros announced by Barça, thanks to the purchase by LIBERO Football Finance AG and NIPA Capital BV of 29.5 percent of the ownership of ‘Barça Vision’ that was in the hands of and Orpheus Media, LaLiga does not consider them as ‘leverage’ or money that will go directly to increase the club’s salary mass.

Of course, depending on the millions of euros that Barça can allocate to this end -salary mass-, LaLiga will gradually unlock the 60 million euros unpaid in its day and will allow the Catalan team to register players. The ones you want whenever it is within the possibilities based on the money returned.

Last year, FC Barcelona activated a ‘lever’ for the sale of 49 percent of the shares of ‘Barça Studios’ to Orpheus Media and, in an asset sale operation validated by LaLiga, which computed for the limit pay that sale, divided into two payments and whose second amount –those 60 million euros– was not paid on time.

When the payment was not made, the employer subtracted from FC Barcelona those 60 million from its registration capacity and blocked the figure, which has been preventing Barça from being able to register its signings and renewed players in this market, with the exception of Gavi –it was done through the courts–.

According to LaLiga, the ‘lever’ announced this Friday by Barça is not such a ‘lever’, but that figure will be used to correct the previous debt of those 60 million that should have been paid in June of this year.

Yes, the millions that Barça receives for this ‘resale’ of participation in ‘Barça Vision’ will serve so that LaLiga will unlock part of those 60 million pending as it receives the money from the Catalan club — if Barça pays 10M, it will receive 10M wage bill– up to a maximum of 60 million owed.

FC Barcelona, ​​which at the moment has not revealed what amount it will allocate to unblock those 60 million euros -it could be all or part-, has yet to register Ilkay Gündogan, Oriol Romeu and Iñigo Martínez -the signings- – and several renewed players, such as Ronald Araujo or the captain Sergi Roberto, among others.