Thibaut Courtois, comforted by his wife, Mishel Gerzig, after breaking up: “My lion”

Thibaut Courtois cup the sports news of the last hours after his injury to the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. Charles Ancelotti It has a real headache, since the Belgian goalkeeper will remain away from the pitch for at least seven or eight months, the estimated time for recoveries of this type as he is not a field footballer.

Courtois will undergo surgery in the coming days and Real Madrid is already thinking about possible signings to fill his gap next season.

“You never expect to go through something like this but now it’s time to accept it and do everything to overcome it and come back even stronger. Thank you all for the energy, love and encouragement, I assure you that they motivate me to recover as soon as possible”, wrote the goalkeeper 31 years old. Along with these words, an image of the athlete with his leg in a cast from top to bottom. He gives a thumbs up, trying to reassure his followers.

At home, Thibaut has the unconditional support of his wife, the Israeli model Michel Gerzig. “My lion” (My lion). “You will come back stronger!” (You will come back stronger), he wrote to her this Thursday along with a photo in which they appear with their hands clasped. After the footballer’s injury, the two will spend much more time together at home.

Courtois and Gerzig got married on Monday June 26 at a wedding held in Cannes attended by nearly 300 guests, including influencers Tomás Páramo and María García De Jaime. A special place, since it is halfway between Belgium, where he is the goalkeeper, and Israel, the birthplace of the model.

The ceremony, which combined the Catholic tradition of the groom and the Jewish tradition of the bride, took place at the luxurious Château de la Croix des Gardes estate, after dancing until dawn at Bijou Plage, a private beach with an exclusive restaurant where they welcomed your guests.

In 2018, Courtois ended his relationship with the mother of his two children, martha diaz. During their time together, the rumors of infidelity by the goalkeeper were incessant. However, Marta and Courtois maintain an excellent relationship for the little ones Adriana y Nicholas, eight and six years old. The same thing happens between the athlete’s ex and his now wife. “I know there is a mother in the photo and I respect that. I am Adriana and Nicolás’s friend, they know they can count on me for whatever they need. They are incredible,” Mishel said in an interview about her stepsons.