Cristina Pedroche flees from burning: she shields herself in networks after her postpartum controversy

The wave of criticism he received Cristina Pedroche For showing off her postpartum physique three weeks after giving birth has taken its toll on her. Proof of this, the change that the woman of Dabiz Muñoz on their social networks.

Now, her more than three million Instagram followers will not be able to comment on her photos, as the Madrid woman has disabled comments on her posts. A gesture with which she shields herself from a new controversy.

In his last statement He already hinted that he would take a ‘digital breather’. “I am resting very little, every 2-3 hours I breastfeed, I have not been separated from my daughter for a second since she was born and the fatigue and all this commotion always takes its toll on me. I have to protect myself and take care of my mental health, and not just for me, for my daughter. I need to be okay for her,” he wrote.

Three days later, the presenter has reappeared on networks but for professional reasons. “Tonight at 10:00 p.m. on Antena 3 a new program of Password. Laughter is guaranteed! We are waiting for you”, he shared along with a photo on the set. Atresmedia relied on Pedroche for the return of this mythical contest, which became popular in our country thanks to Luján Argüelles in Cuatro a few years ago.

“When we recorded it, I was almost 5 months old and now I look back and I think I had never felt so special and with a more beautiful energy. Having my daughter in my belly made me feel more secure, gave me strength and made me feel better.” that I would forget the long hours of filming. I went to bed and got up with a big smile. Now I think that when she sees it and knows that she was inside of me, she will feel proud,” she said a few days ago.