Barça dedicates a great victory to the Palau against CSKA

Those of Jasikevicius rise from a 13-33 in the third quarter and the injury of Calathes


Barça won a prestigious victory (81-73) this Wednesday against CSKA Moscow on the tenth day of the Euroleague, a high-flying clash at the Palau Blaugrana that managed to overcome the Barça team in a great last quarter.

Those of Sarunas Jasikevicius offered a performance that creates fans before a dedicated audience that filled their pavilion as in times before the pandemic. After the league defeat against Valencia, Barça recovered their tone and fang to match Real Madrid and Armani Milan at the top of the table (8-2).

The clash of the titans, despite the low turnover in the Russians, left a poor first quarter (13-13), from which Barça woke up earlier thanks to Kuric (36-24). The locals gave rhythm to their attack with the mobility of Calathes and the visitors burst into the third quarter, with a barrage of 3-pointers from Voigtmann and Shengelia.

The exterior success came with the Moscow towers, four and two triples each, and CSKA endorsed a third quarter of 13-33, until one to the remanguillé and on the horn of Grigonis (51-60). The Russian team got tough on defense and Barça found themselves on the ropes, even more so with Calathes’s injury.

With the atmosphere heated and the Palau pressing, Mirotic (21 points and 8 rebounds) and Davies (14), well guarded until the last quarter, pulled theirs together with a brave Jokubaitis. Laprovittola found the Hispano-Montenegrin good and the American’s hook solved more than one traffic jam in the zone. The triples left CSKA at a bad time and Barça returned the blow (30-13) to leave Itoudis’s men with a discreet 5-5 in the table.


– RESULT: BARÇA, 81 – CSKA MOSCÚ, 73. (38-27, at halftime).


BARÇA: Calathes (10), Laprovittola (-), Hayes-Davis (3), Mirotic (21) and Sanli (7) –initial quintet–; Davies (14), Martinez (-), Smits (2), Kuric (13), Jokubaitis (11).

CSKA MOSCÚ: Lundberg (4), Shved (7), Kurbanov (4), Shengelia (17) y Voigtmann (21) –quinteto inicial–; Ukhov (-), Hackett (2), Antonov (-), Clyburn (9), Milutinov (1), Faried (-), Grigonis (8).

–PARTIALS: 13-13, 25-14, 13-33, 30-13.

– REFEREES: Lottermoser, Latisevs and Petek. Without eliminated.

– PAVILION: Palau Blaugrana, 5,028 spectators.