Bankinter and CIE Automotive joined the EcoDividendo at the close of this Friday, the portfolio that the Economist that selects the most attractive upcoming payments on the national scene, and they will do so with their Christmas season tickets. The first to pay back will be Bankinter, whose dividend will foreseeably arrive on December 28 as a second payment charged to the year 2021, thus resuming normality prior to the pandemic, despite the fact that it has not yet been announced. According to the consensus that collects Bloomberg, this payment will be 0.055 euros gross per share, which rents at current prices 1.3%. In order to access the payment, it is necessary to have bank shares, at the latest, on the 23rd. Check here The calendar of upcoming dividends for the Spanish stock market

Bankinter It was the first entity to return to normalcy once the European Central Bank (ECB) lifted the ban on the distribution of dividends by the sector in the euro zone. On October 1, the firm headed by María Dolores Dancausa distributed a dividend of 0.133 euros gross per share as the first payment on account of the year. Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the bank paid its shareholders four times a year. The last of them, charged to the 2019 financial year, amounted to an annual total of 0.29 gross euros. For 2021, a dividend of 22 cents per share is estimated, 24% lower.

At current prices, the profitability of its shareholder remuneration amounts to 5%, in the middle part of the national sector if the share buyback announced by BBVA and Banco Santander is included in the calculation, and the lack of announcement of a dividend charged to 2021 from Banco Sabadell, which will foreseeably take place in February-March of next year coinciding with its General Shareholders’ Meeting.

In case of CIE Automotive It is very significant considering that it not only maintains its dividend – with a discreet return of 2.8% – but that it does so within a sector in low hours. The manufacturer of automobile components reached 2018 highs just a month ago, at 27.3 euros, and is knowing how to better avoid the correction that the stock markets have initiated since the beginning of November, due to the omicron variant, but also to a supply crisis that particularly affects the automotive sector. It is up 8.5% since November 1, compared to the 4% drop in the Stoxx 600 for Automobiles.

The forecast that the experts handle is that the firm chaired by Antón Pradera distributes an annual dividend charged to 2021 of 0.72 gross euros per title, in two payments as usual: one in January and another in July. The first of them has already been confirmed and will be held on January 5, prior to Three Kings Day, for an amount of 0.36 euros. In order to access it, it is necessary to have CIE shares in portfolio before the 3rd day, the date on which the cut-off date has been set. The second payment will also be the same amount. With the dividend for the year 2021, CIE will be two cents away from matching the pre-pandemic dividend, of 0.37 euros each payment.