Badosa: “The doctors told me in Indian Wells that it would be very difficult to continue my career”


The Spanish tennis player Paula Badosa has confessed that the Indian Wells doctors told her that it would be “very complicated” for her to be able to continue her sporting career due to her serious back injury, which causes her “constant pain”, and she has stated that What makes him “fight every day” is “the love” he has for tennis.

“At Indian Wells, the doctors told me that it would be very difficult to continue my career. We tried these cortisone injections and they told me: ‘this is the only option we can give you and maybe you have to keep doing it if you want to play for a few more years.’ I said: ‘A few more years? I’m still 26’. For me that was very hard,” she said on the official podcast of the ‘WTA Insider’ circuit.

Despite everything, the Catalan, now out of the world’s ‘Top 100’, stated that the injections “are working.” “The pain is always there, but there were times when she couldn’t even take it,” she recalled of the constant pain in her back due to the stress fracture she suffered last year.

In addition, he explained where he gets the strength to continue. “I think what makes me fight every day is the love I have for this sport. I always had the goal of being one of the best in the world, of winning tournaments and facing the great players. That’s why I’m here,” she stressed. . “For me to be able to play three or four more years would be fantastic,” she continued.

“I’ve had a lot of experiences, also mental things,” he said, referring to the depression he suffered at the beginning of his career. “Now also an injury that I never expected, having an injury for so long. Then being at the top, now down again, trying to come back. It’s intense,” she concluded.