Sandra Barneda attacks Arrocet and comes to the defense of María Teresa Campos: “It offends me greatly”

“Teresita has cried a lot for her daughters. She said that she had worked all her life to have a wonderful house and to be all together and then they didn’t appear there. She was very, very sad about that.” With these words Bigote Arrocet sentenced the daughters of María Teresa Campos last Friday on the Santi Acosta and Bea Archidona program. Some words that have outraged, as expected, Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego. But not only them: Sandra Barneda harshly attacked the Chilean comedian this Monday.

The presenter has shown her disagreement with the comedian on the set of This is life: “Make a comedy out of Carmen, make a parody of when Carmen was screwed in an extreme situation… I don’t care about the rest. It offends me greatly, because he is laughing at any grief of any person. And above all I would like to see Edmundo speak for free, and do it for Teresita. If he did it for Teresita’s sake, I would love for him to do it for free. He speaks and charges, with a lack of respect, if up to six years with a person you have loved, leave her alone. “

“She died and you hadn’t been with her for five years… It really hurts me to see a person who speaks with such hostility and evil and becomes more and more so, it hurts me a lot, it hurts me for María Teresa Campos, a great woman of this country. We are ridiculing her and turning her into something grotesque and this lady was one of the great pioneers of journalism and she never got involved in doing something like that,” the journalist added.

The ex of Nagore Robles has claimed to feel “offended” as a communicator after hearing Arrocet’s statements. “I have gotten angry. (…) María Teresa Campos has been at Mediaset for a long time and everyone has loved her. And it hurts me greatly that a man named Edmundo Arrocet does nonsense talking about ‘oh, Teresita, send me lightning’ But what is this, man, enough, it’s María Teresa Campos. “I don’t say more, I cover my mouth.”he has sentenced.

Barneda’s anger comes a day after Terelu pulled out her nails for her mother. “I have never spoken about this man, he hides himself behind the fact that he answers us. Of course he cannot answer me because I have not expressed myself and I have nothing more to add,” he stated, denouncing that his mother cannot defend herself: “While this man was alive, he did make exclusives, but now he cannot defend himself because he is dead. How does that person defend himself?”