César Azpilicueta, captain of the Chelsea, stated that the situation in the team is different from when the draw was made and it could be thought that the
Atlético de Madrid
he was a favorite in the tie.

“The favoritism thing is for the press. When we go out to the field we think about winning. At other times with negative results, you can still think that you are less favorite, but now we are in a different situation than when the draw was made and the two teams will do our best to qualify ”, said the Spanish side at a press conference.

Since the departure of Frank
Lampard a month ago, the Chelsea He has not lost any game and has added five wins and two draws.

“(Tuchel) From day one he made it clear what he wanted from us. The good results have given us confidence ”, he assured. “They are a very solid team, leaders of the league. Now they have had a bad result, but they have a lot of experience in competition. We have to play our game, control the game and be accurate up front ”.

On Luis Suarez, the great red and white menace, Azpilicueta He pointed out that the best way to defend is “to have him as far away from the goal as possible.”

“It will be a team effort. He is a great striker and wherever he has been he has scored many goals ”. He also referred Azpilicueta to the fact of playing in Bucharest (Romania) without public and in neutral ground due to restrictions on flights between UK Y Spain.

“I wish we had played in Madrid with the fans and then in Stamford Bridge the same, but the situation is what it is and we've been playing like this for a year now. You have to adapt ”


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