The ATP wants to end the controversy involving several tennis players in recent years with stops to go to the bathroom or with medical times as a result of the complaints of several players who denounced that this type of tactics can condition the results of the matches.

In fact The organization has announced that, from the 2022 season, new rules will be implemented for tennis players who want to go to the bathroom during matches. Players will have a maximum of three minutes from the moment they enter the bathroom and, in the event that they have to change their clothes, they will have two more minutes. The ATP also points out that this change of clothing can only be carried out during this break unless authorized by the chair umpire.

In addition, it is specified that players can only take one toilet break per game, that these toilet breaks will take place during a fixed break. and that time violations will be imposed if the players are not on the court within the allotted time.

Changes in medical times

The ATP has also announced changes to medical times although, unlike in relation to the breaks to go to the bathroom, dates have not yet been announced for these measures to come into force.

The new rules include that there will be a three-minute time-out per game and this will occur in a change of ends or in the breaks between sets. It is also indicated that if the player cannot continue to change ends, he will lose the points required to reach the next change of ends or set rest. The ATP says it will give more updates in due course.