Peter Verbeke, Anderlecht sports director, confessed that has a work model: that of his counterpart in Sevilla, Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo, Monchi. The man from Cádiz is world reference in transfers, but not only for that. “Really I admire Monchi, the sports director of Seville “, says Verbeke to Voetbalmagazine. “Walk in a tracksuit among the players, know what happens in a group and is close to his coach. I do the same, but in my own way. “

The sports boss of the biggest club in Brussels Y most awarded in Belgium, who has been working there since 2020, is a retailer in reinforcements. To the extreme, as in the medical tests. “If the tests They arent good or I notice that we are not happy, the signing is not done“, reveals.

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* Data updated as of July 20, 2021

“I have rejected quite a lot players for that. But those who arrive know it in advance because I clearly give them the guidelines in an email or via WhatsApp: if they tests are not good, No deal. I think it's a essential part of the process hiring, especially considering the physical football that we have“adds Verbeke, who specializes in Sports and Health Law and has worked in two other great Belgians, Bruges and Gent.