Aspas and Luis Suárez challenge each other

Aspas and Luis Suárez challenge each other. The goal is the obsession of Celta and Atlético and on them falls the responsibility of making their followers happy (follow the game live on The goal. Always the goal. There is no greater happiness than marking and nothing produces as much frustration as not doing it. Somewhat changes moods, short crisis or gives you titles. Its lack produces nerves, anxiety, defeats … The Celtic He has marked three points, all of his figure, an Aspas that is half Celtic. Atlético signed Suárez in savior plan, he made half a dozen to the Granada and dried. In front of Huesca created many occasions and the logical thing is that some had entered. Against Villarreal Asenjo spent a placid afternoon. It is possible that today none of the scorers have many opportunities against the opposing goal. It will try to take advantage of some.

Celta and Atlético face the meeting with some anxiety and under the news of the positive of Aidoo. The two are relatively similar, as they start the League with high sights. The Galicians looking at Europe and the Madrilenians, at the title. Soon after, expectations have collapsed. Óscar, the celestial coach, is criticized and the rojiblanca fans are disenchanted. But a win changes everything. Celta have only beaten Valencia and have five points in five games. Atlético adds the same, but in three. Those of the Cholo tend to lower their benefits outside. That is what Celta clings to. To that and the Aspas, Nolito, Denis … Oscar has problems on the right side and most likely shields his midfield and defense. I mean, headaches for Simeone. Villarreal blocked João Félix, pushed the ball out and Atleti hardly had any options.

Torreira points to eleven; Lemar and Correa too

At Atlético Diego Costa and Luis Suárez may start together, which will give offensive mordant to the team. But you need football. Correa and Lemar could play on the sides, with Koke and Torreira on the inside. The Uruguayan is eager to debut. The good thing for Cholo is that the bench can revolutionize the game: Carrasco, João Félix, Llorente, Vitolo … Not everyone has those parts, although this time Giménez, Saúl and Lodi are missing. Celta trusts Mina, Brais, Emre Mor …

Whoever wins will come out stronger. For Atlético a victory would be pure vitamin before visiting Bayern. Whoever loses will see their situation in the table worsen and confirm a somewhat disappointing start.