Djokovic: “I have suffered in my flesh the king of the earth”

Novak Djokovic He fell in the final of Roland Garros against Rafa Nadal and continues with a title on the clay of Paris, which he achieved in 2016. After the match, he assumed the superiority of the Spanish. “Congratulations to Rafa and his entire family. I have suffered in my own flesh the king of the earth. I'm not satisfied with how I played today, “he said. He also thanked all the fans and the organization for running the tournament. “Thanks to all the fans and everyone,” declared the Serb with his runner-up trophy in Paris. It is the third final that Djokovic loses in Paris after the 2012 final, also against Nadal, and the 2015 final, against the Swiss Wawrinka. Even so, he remains number one in the world, although he sees how Nadal is moving away in Grand Slam numbers: he adds 20, like Federer, and the one from Belgrade stays with 17. The next, if the health crisis allows it, It will be the Australian Open in 2021.

At the post-match press conference, Djokovic expanded his views and continued with the praise of the champion.

The match and Nadal: “Well, I don't have much to say but, I have been surpassed by Rafa, for the best player on the court. I mean, he lacked nothing, he just played tactically great. I felt good throughout the tournament. I thought he was in a great way. He certainly could have played better, especially in the first two sets. But I was surprised by the way he played, the quality of tennis he was producing, the level. He is phenomenal. He played a perfect match especially in both sets. first sets. In the third I managed to come back. I found my rhythm on the court. I had my chances and I didn't use them. He closed the game. That's right. He was the best player on the court and absolutely deserved winner. “

Nadal's triumphs: “Keep going. Without looking back. It's amazing. I admire all his achievements, especially the one here. His impressive results and the records he has at this track. He lost twice in his entire career. And he has won 13 titles, not much. more to say. All superlatives you can use, you deserve them. “

Djokovic off the track: “The way I see myself is obviously different from the way other people see me. I try to be true to my core values, which I grew up with. But I always say that the only constant in my life is change. I am someone who has that kind of approach to life, an open mind, an open heart, to learn and grow and develop my character, to be the best human being I can. I have my flaws, just like anyone else. I try to remember how blessed I am to be in this position, especially in the great moments, in the great tournaments, like this, when history is written, so to speak, I try to reflect on the early days of my career, where I grew up, how I grew up. I'm just, yeah, very blessed and grateful to have the life that I have right now, no doubt. I have to constantly repeat that to myself, that nothing should be taken for granted. I keep working, I keep enjoying this sport, I really do. Of course, defeats like this They are not pleasant, but even in the greatest of defeats you can learn the best lessons as a tennis player and as a person. I try to nurture, so to speak, that kind of mentality. I understand that there are people who may not like what I do on or off the court. I understand that I cannot please everyone. It's okay. I think it is important to have an understanding of who you are and your position in life, to be grateful and to move on. “

The left: “They didn't work out very well today. I won a lot in the tournament and this time I didn't play that many. I tried to do something tactically different, but it didn't work much in the first two sets. I wanted to interrupt his rhythm. But he was ready. He was there, he was ready. He was playing all the right shots. It was one of these days where he can only say, Chapeau, and well done. “

The physical: “I was fine. Everything was fine in that regard. I was ready for this match. It's just that I was overwhelmed. I was beaten by a guy who was perfect today. Especially in the first two sets, like I said.”